April Fool Alert

The April Fool is a magical paranormal being who appears to be a jester that performs various pranks and generally harmless mischief on April Fools Day (April 1st).  The Fool is formerly a human who loves jokes, pranks, and humorous insulting mischief.  A previous April Fool picks a human to take his place when his 7 years of service are complete.  He then returns to being human although he retains some of his power and will live a healthy life well into his 100’s.

The April Fool seemingly appears to be in places all around the world at once which lead those of us in the supernatural community to believe there were a plethora of them.  In reality there is only one but time stands still for him on April Fools Day.  In fact the day is the equivalent of 365 days for him.   When April Fools day is over he is thrust ahead to next years April Fools Day.  So you see a Fool really needs to be dedicated and in love with his craft to do it for 7 years straight.  He has various magical powers which also include enhanced superhuman abilities and some mind control powers.  He is virtually invincible and unstoppable as he makes his hilarious rounds about the globe.

You have nothing to fear from him but prepare to be pranked, and deeply embarrassed on April Fools Day.  Consider it an honor he chooses you and also realize you will experience good luck for the month of April as payment for whatever laughable plight he brings down upon you.  It’s unlikely you will spot him due to his temporal powers and speed but if you do spot him giggling nearby just wave, smile, and say “hi” to this being of humor and goodness.

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