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Borderline supernatural entities that lie on the fence between human, and paranormal entity.  Their abilities can vary depending on the source of their power.  Whether it be inherited, human genetic fluke, a small amount of supernatural genes from one or more paranormal relatives, or exposure to various forms of nuclear radiation, gamma in particular, which reacts with a rare gene known as the "Superhero Gene".  Some Superhumans simply use the sheer will of their mind guiding their body to paranormal power. They can have differing degrees of super strength, super speed, enhanced senses, psychic powers, and various mystical martial arts powers.  Once some gain access to the supernatural world they find ways to enhance their power or ascend to higher levels.  Some might become witches, wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers.  Those choosing not to pursue the magical arts may become lower level vampire slayers, werewolf hunters, or some other form of a Superhero in a paranormal profession fighting the forces of evil.   Others may choose to join those forces of evil, and become Super Villains.

Superhuman status may also be obtained through technology.  At present a rare few on this Earth have such bionic implanted cyborg power either through government top secret programs, private mega corporations, freelance mad scientists, and time travelers from the future.  The varying top secret bionic technologies that currently exist will not be common place until the 22nd century.  Before that genetic engineering may be advanced enough to enhance humans as well.  These genetically altered super humans are at work for the same entities mentioned above, or sitting in a secret laboratory at some hidden installation.  Some of the genetic enhancements are created by tinkering with our current genes, or rare latent genes only some humans possess.  Others are having their human genes spliced with that of supernatural beings.  So in as little as a few centuries we may all become superhuman with all new offspring being born with enhanced abilities.  Certainly this is a day that supernatural evil isn't looking forward to but they still will have the upper hand due to their extensive demonic based powers, and connections.  

In addition acquisition of immortality through cellular regenerating nanobots, genetic telomere engineering, focused subliminal will power, or magic ascends Superhumans to low level Immortal status.  Low level since official Immortals have clear cut supernatural parentage, and generally have strength, and abilities ranging somewhere in between a vampire, and a Demigod.  They also often quite invincible.

Mystic Investigations very own Zack Powers, a former quadriplegic, is a bionic superhuman created by a mad scientist.  It's unclear as to whether or not the nanobots infused within his body in fact grant him immortality.  Their known purpose is to grow his mechanical limbs in unison with his growing biological form since he's still a teenage boy.

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