Super Moon Werewolf Warning

Super Werewolf MoonJune 22-23 will bring us the infamous Super Moon which is the closest the Moon will be to the Earth for 2013.  The Super Moon of June will appear much larger in the sky at times, and it’s supernatural lunar effects will cause Werewolves to hulk out displaying extreme muscular definition along with at least double the strength.  Werewolves will also be many times more aggressive, and most likely wander into populated areas they usually avoid seeking out the human flesh they so desire.  It’s recommended you stay indoors on these nights.  If that’s not possible you should at least head indoors when the Moon appears extra large in the skies above.

Be well prepared with all necessary counter measures as you will need every distraction possible to make your escape from these terrifying beasts who will now be able to run twice as fast as they normally would.  This will easily extend past 100 mph!  Since Werewolves have demonic DNA all holy religious artifacts, especially Catholic, will work best along with silver.  If you’re lucky enough to own a Werewolf Whistle then take care not to blow it in the reverse position by accident thereby attracting the hairy horrors to you.  Be prepared for the repellant whistle to be less effective so blow very hard for maximum ultrasonic sounds.  Make sure all doors, and windows are protected in your home as they will brazenly crash into your house at will seeking a quick meal which would be you!  Religious symbols, silver, and wolfsbane hanging about will help deter Lycanthropes.  Growing wolfbane, aka monkshood, around your estate will keep them even further away.  Let your foolish unprepared neighbor have the night of horrors rather than you.  Heck you know they loathe you anyway so they probably deserve it!  Of course we pray nobody gets mauled by the werewolf menace.

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