Comet LINEAR Meteor Shower Warning

Magical CometComets are thought to seed planets throughout the Universe with essential elements, water, and even life itself (Panspermia).  Whether this means the comets crash into a planet or merely shower it with meteors.  Beyond known science, in the world of the supernatural, we know that comets are often carriers for mystical energies, psionic powers, and even travelers from other dimensions.  The strange events associated with these mystical happenings caused ancient people to consider comets bad omens.  Especially when someone acquired powers from comet debris, and could not handle it.

From Friday night into Saturday morning (May 23-24, 2014) the Comet LINEAR (209P) will pass through the Earth’s atmosphere for the first time in known human history.  As debris from it’s icy tail, called Camelopardalids, rains down upon Earth it will produce the familiar shooting stars that dreams, and wishes are made of.  Legend has it that the first wish upon any given shooting star will come true if it contains a particular set of magical energies.  One such other worldly energy would be that of Jinn, aka Genies, attempting to enter our dimension. Such a wish upon their shooting star would be free of any consequences that are normally associated with these tricky wish granters.  Our paranormal research indicates there is indeed Jinn energy within this comet.

However the possible Jinn within, attempting to bypass Angel detection, are merely passengers of this particular comet rather than creating it. Instead we’re getting indications that the core power within Comet LINEAR comes from not only outside our Multiverse, aka collection of parallel Universes, but most probably from outside our Omniverse, aka collection of all our Multiverses.  Mystics, Seers, Psychics, and a variety of practitioners of magic say they can feel the unusual power of this comet.  An equivalent power not felt for over 2000 years when the secret paranormal record indicates that a mysterious individual was able to defeat the son of the Omniverse God, aka Jesus Christ, in mortal combat. No it wasn’t his plan to turn himself over to the Romans to be crucified.  He was weakened by what was thought to be an Omniverse God, or some other unknown entity from outside our own Omniverse God within which we all exist.  In fact an epic battle never recorded in the Bible occurred between the two titans!

Besides the Jinn wishes these falling stars could potentially distribute a variety of psychokinetic powers that would encompass the full range of known Omniversal powers, even beyond that.  There’s a slim chance it could have every power an Omniverse God possess!  For you that would mean instant ascension to Omniverse Godhood status! Take care not to be showered by the sparkling sprays of supernatural powers unless you are a paranormal expert or practitioner of magic.  Despite the temptation you couldn’t possibly know what will result!

Could this be another powerful visitor from outside the Omniverse, or perhaps a powerful delivery vessel for the Jinn who may have made a deal with these nefarious outside forces as apart of some diabolical master plan? Or maybe the Jinn merely saw an opportunity, and hijacked the comet. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere then you will receive the most supernatural shooting stars so be on high alert!  We will be watching the skies closely, and be ready for this potential new threat to Earth along with our entire Multiverse!

Warning: If you make a wish upon a shooting star then be serious about it coming true!  If you ask for super powers then be prepared to use them for good, and realize it will be a burden you must bear.  It will be your responsibility to not expose yourself to the world or you will be in violation of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact which will put you on the radar of Angels, and Demons! Also realize that any wish that would change this reality beyond your personal sphere of influence will most likely result in you being transported to a parallel Universe that seems almost identical to this one.  This includes asking for too large a sum of money.  The odds are beyond astronomical that you’ll be the first one to wish upon any given shooting star but don’t use that as an excuse to take your wish lightly!

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