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The ice ridden hell of Winter Storm Draco is upon the sorry souls of the Midwestern United States.  This beastly blizzard isn’t just a maelstrom of snow, ice, blistering winds, and Arctic temperatures but also a haven for all things paranormally evil.  First, and foremost the greatest danger will be the huge influx of Abominable Snowmen, aka Yeti, from the north salivating for human flesh.  See our previous Abominable Snowman warning to learn more about this Yeti menace, and what you can do to protect yourselves.

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The photo above showcases another winter storm threat known as the Demon Puppy.  Despite the name it’s actually the disembodied spirit of a Yeti possessing an innocent puppy.  The name comes from the fact that demons are the number one possessors of biological beings.  A dead Abominable Snowman’s spirit is demonic like but rather weak, and they can only possess small animals.  Their number one choice seems to be wolf or dog puppies.  Usually white in color, or with some white on their fur.  A possessed puppy will display glowing red eyes, and display erratic rabid mad dog style behavior.  However just after possession they will seem calm, and at peace.  Their attack will be sudden, and deeply deadly in nature despite their diminutive size.  Although the Yeti itself is not demonic they hijack higher dimensional demonic channels to re-enter our world.  Therefore in this case religious artifacts will repel them. This includes holy water, crucifixes, Bibles, etc.  Religious items from non-Christian religions will also work but not as well.

Despite the approach of Christmas, and it’s usually peaceful effects on the paranormal community we are seeing increases activity of evil due to the looming galactic alignment of 2012 amping up the power of all supernatural beings.  Within the winter storms you will find vampires, werewolves who can control their transformations at will, and a number of other blood thirsty creatures looking to take advantage of people injured or trapped in the big blizzard of 2012.  Remain on alert until this supernatural storm is over.

Indeed the storm is supernatural since our intelligence indicates that a powerful Warlock named Draco is responsible for setting off this storm when he tried to tap into the Goddess Gaia’s, the living soul of the Earth, power base for his own nefarious purposes.  Many are trying this as 2012 approaches as they are looking to gain God like powers through the galactic alignment.  They must go through Mother Earth to gain the full benefits of this metaphysical event.  Unfortunately Gaia does not take kindly to entities of evil attempting to use her for their dark agendas.  The Warlock Draco was last seen being sucked into the Earth.  He is either no longer with the living or within the purgatory of the Underworld which is a physical manifestation of hell populated with low level demons, and other damned paranormal beings.  Stay safe in the storm, and pray you make it through the dreaded 2012 winter solstice to Christmas, and beyond!

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