Thirteen Nights Of Halloween Warning

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A Thirteen Nights Of Halloween Warning is in effect from October 19th-October 31st, 2023. Each night will bring ever greater paranormal activity including demons, ghosts, poltergeists, zombies, vampires, and miscellaneous monsters. Random werewolves will transform without a Moon! On Halloween most will transform! Dark witches, wizards, and warlocks will be on the prowl for people to sacrifice to their demonic masters. Also, don’t forget the little gnomes who eat children to maintain their immortality! Always steer clear of places people died along with graveyards and haunted houses as the veil between life and death grows thinner. It’s best to stay indoors from dusk to dawn except on Halloween Evening when The Spirit Of Halloween will protect Trick Or Treaters from the forces of supernatural darkness! Throughout these nefarious nights, the best paranormal protection is to simply celebrate Halloween to the fullest and fuel the Halloween Spirit. Happy Halloween!­čÄâ Read More About The 13 Nights Of Halloween Here…

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