Gobbler Ghoul Warning

A disturbing new paranormal entity has been discovered.  Unfortunately this little beast is a threat to your Thanksgiving celebrations.  It has been classified as a Gobbler Ghoul.  Apparently a large group of turkeys were severely mistreated by their owner on a remote farm, and eventually they had to cannibalize their fellow turkeys to survive.  The turkeys owner most likely dabbled in the black magics which aided in their ghoulish transformation.  They now walk upright, and have a basic sinister intelligence of a demonic origin.

Since the gobblers are ghouls they only crave dead rotting flesh.  However they will injure or kill anyone who stands in the way of their unholy dining.  Be on alert for these ghastly ghouls attempting to subvert your Thanksgiving dinner to feed their turkey cannibal desires.  They’re very strong, and fast so they could crash through your windows or even doors.  They have also been known to eat humans, and other animals as well once they’re dead.

They loathe sunlight but it doesn’t destroy them so anything is possible.  You will most likely encounter the Gobbler Ghouls in the dead of the night so eating your Thanksgiving dinner early would be for the best.  Having a Priest bless your turkey along with a pitcher of holy water might be a safe bet this Thanksgiving season.

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