Gnome Warning

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Despite the increase in paranormal activity as we countdown to Halloween, we once again have an increase in Gnome activity as we did last autumn as well.  This is unusual because Gnomes usually hide away as the other supernatural creatures come out to play as it were.  However they’ll usually risk an outing on Halloween due to the large number of kids out trick-o-treating.  As always beware of these little horrors scurrying about in the dark shadows ready to snatch your children in order to prolong their short lives.  The magical innocence of kids under 5 is what they crave so it’s best to keep kids away from the wooded areas the Gnome lives in.  Gnomes are usually scared of adults since they are very diminutive with a maximum height of two and a half feet.  Simply making some loud noises will scare them away.  Also displaying garden gnomes acts as a supernatural scarecrow to ward off these micro menaces.

If you spot a pointy red hat moving rapidly through nearby foliage or smell minty smoke from their pipes, then we suggest running away as fast as your feet can carry you and calling your local paranormal investigations firm for assistance.  Their trademark snide laughter is also a sign that these mischievous Lilliputian creatures (Click Here To Listen To A Rare Recording Of A Gnome Laughing).  Do not attempt to capture or corner a Gnome since it’s bite is poisonous to adult humans and the sickness that ensues is highly unpredictable.  Learn more about Gnomes at

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