Day Of The Dead Zombie Warning

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The Day Of The Dead is the second likely day for supernatural zombie uprisings next to Halloween.  Those already zombified are drawn to family and friends they knew when they were alive.  Be prepared to take them down with extreme prejudice because they are no longer the person you knew, and they will mindlessly attack you.

Sometimes on the Day Of The Dead fresh corpses will spontaneously rise from their graves for reasons not fully understood by paranormal professionals.  This can occur at any time of the day but at or near the Midnight witching hour is the most common times for this dangerous paranormal phenomenon to occur.  In addition various dark mystical forces magically initiated zombie uprisings in the hopes of spawning a supernatural army as apart of some clandestine plot or simply to cause malicious mayhem.

Zombies can be killed by beheading, or complete incineration of their body.  Destruction of the brain guarantees the death of rotten stinking living dead corpses.  Any common weapon of destruction including guns, knives, swords, etc. will get the job done.  Just remember that shooting, or impaling them anywhere but their brain will only slow them down. Religious artifacts don’t repel them like other supernatural beings of evil since zombies don’t have demon based DNA.  Luckily zombies move rather slowly so avoiding them is often easy unless they are in a large group known as a hoard.  We suggest barricading yourself in your house for the entire day and night November 2nd.

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