Chupacabra Warning

What appears to be a docile baby Chupacabra, nicknamed Prince Chupa, has been sighted in the woods near Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly, Maryland.  Chupacabra’s are normally violent creatures, however the baby Chupa in the photo probably has been around humans and has yet to develop the rabid blood lust for human and animal blood.  … Read more

Chupacabra Warning Canceled

We located the Chupacabra and returned it to it’s Billionaire owner with instructions on how to better cage the little beast so as to prevent future escapes.  This is by far Mystic Investigations single biggest payday for a case.  We were paid a fee of one million dollars for returning the creature unharmed.  Since our Cryptozoologist … Read more

Chupacabra Warning

A billionaire has reported that his rare prized Chupacabra has escaped from his private cryptid zoo.  It has been suspected as the cause of numerous farm animal deaths and mutilations.  There have also been reports by people that it had chased them but it was scared away by loud noises or bright lights.  If you spot … Read more

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