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Halloween Blood Moon Madness Warning

As previously reported in the last two alerts, werewolves, and vampires are getting deeply aggressive, and are on the prowl for your blood, flesh, and even your very soul.  The Halloween blood moon is not only effecting them but a … Continue reading

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Chupacabra Warning

What appears to be a docile baby Chupacabra, nicknamed Prince Chupa, has been sighted in the woods near Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly, Maryland.  Chupacabra’s are normally violent creatures, however the baby Chupa in the photo probably has been around … Continue reading

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Chupacabra Warning

A billionaire has reported that his rare prized Chupacabra has escaped from his private cryptid zoo.  It has been suspected as the cause of numerous farm animal deaths and mutilations.  There have also been reports by people that it had chased … Continue reading

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