Hallowmas All Saints Day Alert

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The Witching Hour, and even the Devil’s Hour of November 1st will see an unusual reduction in evil paranormal activity due to Angels, and Saints descending from the 6th dimension, and beyond to clean up some of the messes of The 13 Days Of Halloween.  It’s a symbolic day of rest for those fighting the forces of evil on Earth as the Angels give us a break.  The forces of evil feel their holy presence, and in some cases can see them.  So naturally they cower away.  Some good witches use the witching hour of Hallowmas to contact Angels, and spirits of the light as they cast spell of goodness.  Expect a general feeling of peace as your Guardian Angel feels more joy, and the holy beings frolic about around you unseen.  You may also feel the presence of family members who have ascended to Heaven, and became Angels.

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