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Ghosts & Poltergeists

Ghosts are non-corporeal beings who almost always humans who died.  They manifest themselves in an auditory and visual matter but rarely interact with our reality in a physical manner.  Some who die with a super strong consciousness or an overly horrific life trauma will actually break away from their infinite afterlife spirit containing the infinite memories of their infinite parallel lives.  They will then haunt the places they died in, people who have effected them in life, or the place a trauma took place in either with full knowledge of what they're doing or in a haze that seems like a dream for them.  The strong willed immediately realize they can materialize into the physical world and become Travelers while others may choose to re-join their original soul and enter the afterlife of Godhood.  The weak willed need to play out their issues in their haunting or be helped out by a human, supernatural being, Angel, etc in order to move on to the afterlife.  Malicious spirits are eventually dealt with in a far less caring manner.

In addition a small amount are beings phasing into our reality from parallel Universes through some powerful thought process, mental projections of a powerful psychic, and various temporal anomalies.

Poltergeists are malicious and dangerous spirits that are often incorporeal demons while less often simply evil humans who have died and not crossed over to the afterlife. Sometimes they can also be good people who died but who are angered by a trauma or injustice in their life.

A poltergeist not only manifests itself in an auditory and visual manner but also physically causing things to move about violently. Only in extremely rare circumstances can they manifest in a temporary physical form.  Ghosts on the other hand tend to be less evil and are simply confused humans who died and can't move on without dealing with a trauma or injustice. A violent death also causes a ghost to wander about aimlessly not knowing what they are or what to do. They generally can't act out physically.

A poltergeist on the other hand is well aware of what they are and what state they are in. They're highly intelligent and out for blood.  They feed off the fear and anger of their human victim and have the power to murder.  Such beings are best left to paranormal professionals and exorcists.

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