Relaxing Stress Relieving ASMR Eye Exam Simulation

Emma PoppinsThe beguiling British beauty in the video above is suspected of being a daughter of the legendary supernatural Goddess Mary Poppins with potential Mermaid lineage as well.  Her code name is Whispers Red but some may know her as Emma Poppins. At some point in her life she realized she had a metaphysical allure of a heavenly hypnotic nature. So she chose to utilize these talents in a way that could reach the most people.  She now creates videos to spread stress relief, and relaxation around the world along with hoping to trigger tingly ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) responses in people as well.  ASMR is a perceptual phenomenon felt by some people in response to various stimulation of their senses.  This phenomenon is felt more prominently in person but it can also come across through audio visual stimulation when the right person wields a nifty camera, and 3-D holophonic Surround Sound Microphone.  The charming Emma is such a person, and her simulated medical exam videos are some of the finest you will find on the internet!  You can watch more of her videos at the WhispersRed Youtube Channel.

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I've always had a personal interest in health along with being disturbed by the injustices of mainstream medicine that attacks every disease with toxic chemicals or unnecessary surgery. I've found that healthy diet, exercise, natural medicine, and common sense are the keys to survival when navigating the health hazards of this world.

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