The Ultimate Root Cause Of Mental Illness

Mental Illness is an imbalance in our emotional enchantment that perpetuates a number of disorders affecting our mood, thinking and behavior. Often to the detriment of leading a so called normal life. Certainly for some there are genetic predispositions, and biochemical factors in play with the human brain, and its ability to cause psychological disorders. For many with mental issues the cause is one, or more, undesirable environmental incidents. Repeatedly over the course time this can cause damaging thought patterns to occur that may wear away at one’s very spirit. It is simply too much hell on an Earth so seriously lacking in paradise. Whether it be mild, or extreme in nature. Ultimately the root cause of all mental disease is our Godlike spirit intertwined, and locked into a biological body. In essence an evolved Primate form. All animals can suffer mental health issues when put into abusive situations. Especially when held in captivity. However humans are the Kings when it comes to the wide array of psychological disorders.

Our metaphysical energy spirits channeling our higher dimensional pure non-corporeal energy consciousness is imprisoned into an animal body! More precisely filtered through our limited biological brains with its cellular, hormonal, and biochemical imperfections. Then on top of that we’re trapped in a less than desirable reality that often doesn’t go our way, and can at times be downright dangerous! The various stresses can be mental torture that eventually takes its toll on even the strongest of spirits.

As a biological species we lie in the awkward teenage years of evolution. Neither completely God nor animal. We’re Animal-God Hybrids created by the process of evolution that is guided by the hand of God and Goddess. Our complex consciousness is self-aware, capable of imagining anything, and making it reality at some point. Even if it takes thousands, or millions of years! Humans are creatures of creation, and exploration always looking to infinity, and beyond! We are of course limited by the capacity of our biological brains, and physical bodies. However someday we will shed those, and ascend to Godhood in the higher dimensions of reality. For most of us that state of enlightenment, and freedom will come sooner in the process of death. A death that comingles our spirits with our infinite selves in Parallel Universes, Multiverses, and furthermore until we are truly Gods who develop our own Universes. The ultimate goal is to know everything, and ascend to a perfect non-corporeal energy state of pure consciousness, peace, and enlightenment!

Will All Mental Illness Ever Be Cured?
GMO HumanCertainly if humankind could finally create a Utopian society of peace, and immortality, where nobody is forgotten, or left behind, that would be a huge leap to ending mental health problems. Unfortunately we’re not anywhere near such a societal state nor has history shown humankind is capable of it. In the end it might take a catastrophic event, such as a global apocalypse, to teach us that the current short sighted path of selfishness isn’t correct for the long term health of humans on Earth. Perhaps we need an injection of an outside influence in the form of enlightened extraterrestrials, or even some logical artificial intelligence in the design of a benevolent Cyber-God. Plausibly a merger between humans, and smart machines as one of the final phases in our evolution. Even if we could create a paradise on Earth, and hopefully never run across any new threats, nobody’s life could ever be 100% of what they envision it to be. Even a dab of disappointment could eventually spawn a mental meltdown! That simple factor along with our consciousness interactions within this reality of existing in a biological body would still cause psychological disorders.  Although our metaphysical spirits do bridge the gap unseen, there is still a major disconnect between the biological body, and non-corporeal consciousness in this physical world we will never fully comprehend or be able to cope with. We can only hope awesome medical technology, including genetic engineering, can finally stamp out those flames of discontent that manifest mental madness in our minds!

The Science Of Mental Illness

The Science of Mental Illness
Source: The Science of Mental Illness


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