18 Ways To Consume More Healthy Vegetables In Your Diet

How To Easily Consume More Healthy Vegetables In Your Daily Diet By Shrinking Their Size & Masking Their Undesirable Taste!

Healthy Colorful VeggiesIf you’re like me then you loathe a great many vegetables due to their bland unsavory taste.  Especially the healthiest ones that are green, and full of chlorophyll.  It’s simply common sense that the more vegetables you eat, the healthier you’ll be due to the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and the thousands of phytonutrients supplied within.  Some phytonutrients are responsible for giving vegetables their distinctive colors.  This is why it’s important to try, and include every color of the veggie rainbow in your diet.  The greater the range, the more phytonutrients you will get, and the greater health you will realize.  Ideally you want to get a good 12 servings of vegetables for super health.  Unfortunately it’s not easy downing all that yucky Earthy tasting fiber, and there’s only so much you can eat with meals.  Unfortunately we’re not rabbits!  So what can you do to eat more?

The video above highlights 17 ways to enjoy vegetables, and therefore feel compelled to eat more than you normally would.  This is also mentioned in the list at the end of this article.  However one not mentioned in the video is the method I use.  After hearing about the Potato Diet, and how the Irish thrived on potatoes until the Great Potato Famine, I figured I could mix my vegetables in with potatoes.  If you only like potatoes in french fry or chip form then this might not be for you.  Still it wouldn’t hurt to try it once.

A big enough bowl of my patented potato-veggie mix, and you could get by with it counting as one filling meal.  I personally eat it for lunch some days, and cook up 2-3 baked potatoes which I then mash up in a large bowl.  I then put a variety of vegetables in a food processor to chop up, and condense into a smaller easier to eat form.  This way you can intake a lot more than in whole food form.  The processor, or food chopper, can be the cheap manual crank variety, or a more expensive electric one.  Next I add that to the bowl of potatoes, and mix it up with garlic, cayenne pepper, and a dash of ceylon cinnamon.  Mineral rich sea salt could be added as well for even more health benefits.  I also add homemade mayo made with avocado oil but the organic taters, and veggie mix almost tastes good on it’s own.  You can really taste the difference between organic, and non-organic potatoes.  You could also add any condiment you’d like.  You should be surprised on how satisfied you are after eating the potato-veggie mix.  Since you may be used to always eating potatoes with meat you will kind of feel like you ate meat proving somewhat of a placebo meat filling effect.

Some of the vegetables I include are spinach, kale, sweet peas, tomatoes, carrots, yellow & green peppers, purple cabbage, and onions thereby going through most of the colors of the rainbow.  This increases my chances on not missing out on vital phytonutrients.  You can mix, and match any vegetables you like along with spices, and condiments to get to a place where you look forward to eating veggies.  With this method you can greatly increase your intake of beneficial nutrient rich plants!  When possible always buy organic to avoid harmful pesticides that don’t always completely wash off, and can be absorbed into the vegetable.

The 18 ways to get more healthy vegetables in your daily diet are:

1. Kale & Fruit Shake (Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables to consume)
2. Chop your veggies up in a food chopper processor or with a salad cutter (as seen in the video above) to mix your salad more easily, and allow for greater consumption in a concentrated form.
3. Dip, or top broccoli, cauliflower, or any other vegetable with melted cheese (natural rather than processed).
4. Steam light leafy greens such as spinach down to a smaller size thereby allowing for a greater quantity to be consumed.
5. Cut tomatoes and add Basil with natural Ranch dressing.
6. Cut veggies while topping or dipping in ranch dressing, or hummus or pesto.
7. Zucchini shaved as pasta with pasta sauce works.
8. Make spaghetti squash and top with pasta sauce.
9. Grilled Zucchini with olive oil, sea salt, and other vegetables.
10. Vegetable laden omelets.  Let the eggs hide the taste!
11. Baked kale chips
12. Green powders (wheat grass juice powder)
13. Instant Kale Shakes
14. If you don’t like many vegetables then just eat a lot more of the ones you love!  Hopefully not corn.
15. Mix veggies in a soup, and spice it up!
16. Natural healthy pizza with crust made with cauliflower.
17. Juice or blend your veggies with added fruits such as apples to lessen the undesirable veggie taste.
18. My favorite! Mixing veggies with potatoes, spices, and your condiment of choice.  Using a food processor (manual or electric) to chop down, and compress large quantities of vegetables.

The first 17 above are highlighted in the video at the beginning of our page courtesy of Dr.Eric Berg.  Let us know in the comments if you have any tips or tricks to force those nasty tasting, yet oh so healthy, vegetables down your throat.  Unfortunately until someone performs a healthy style of genetic engineering to make veggies taste amazing we have to trick our taste buds into enjoying what is good for us.  It is amazing how most things that are good for us taste bad, and what’s bad for us tastes good. What’s up with that Mother Nature?

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