Cool, Crisp And Sweet Summer 2014 In Store?

Or Hot, Humid, And Hellish Summer For Regions Of The Continental United States?

June August Summer 2014 Weather ForecastThe Weather Channel has predicted a much welcome cool summer 2014 for much of the Continental United States.  Certainly we don’t enjoy fighting the forces of supernatural evil when it’s sweltering, and sweaty.  In the heat of battle we want cool weather!  The last two summers have been inexplicably hotter than Hades despite getting progressively colder in winter as we approach the possibility of a Little Ice Age as predicted by those outside the mainstream meteorology establishment.  It’s amazing how we can push 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, and then have winter push to -20 below zero!  It wouldn’t surprise me if next winter hits -30.  Break out the engine block heaters, or leave your cars perpetually running folks!

In the old days the deal used to be that if one season was a certain way the opposing season would be the opposite.  So if we’re going to have colder winters then the summers should be a sweet paradise.  If people are in love with the heat, humidity, and Reptile like sun basking then they should move to the tropics, or find a log in Florida they can share with a water turtle.  For those of us who are warm blooded mammals we like things lukewarm in the summer, and refrigerator cool in the winter.  It could have something to do with our body temperature being 98.6 degrees! Either way the precipitation can go to hell! LOL!

That being said we hope the Weather Channel’s prediction is true but they have a history of being wrong.  Such as the case of their January 2014 forecast which predicted it would be warmer than average.  We were so ecstatic we embedded the video, and posted it on our Christmas Blog.  Inexplicably days later it disappeared as the living sub-freezer hell of minus 20 came down on us like an ice truck of destruction!  It turned out to be a record cold January which brought many the misery of high energy bills, shivering drafts, and the danger of hypothermia.  When we posted the incompetent January forecast we unfortunately didn’t post the URL on the Weather Channel website.  However it probably would have looked like this error page:

The Weather Channel’s prediction is the opposite of the Old Farmer’s Almanac Summer 2014 weather forecast that calls for hot, humid, rainy, and mosquito malaria ridden conditions fit for a tropical rainforest.  We pray they’re dead wrong about this, and thankfully they’re not always right as well.  At the least we hope the Summer lies in between both the forecasts.  It seem folklore farmers formula’s, the supposed science of meteorology, and flipping a coin will give you a 50% chance of predicting the weather!

If The Weather Channel is wrong then the following URL will probably be deleted along with the video: (May 18th Update: I can’t believe they deleted another forecast video! Could this mean the end of the cool summer dream!)  Thankfully there are later videos predicting the same basic forecast. However the reason for the deletion might mean a gradual transition to the opposite forecast so as to prevent more egg on their meteorological pseudo-science faces. The weather map used has a slightly increased area of above average warmth.

What’s Your Ideal Summer Temperature? 50’s & 60’s would be ideal for most activities except outdoor swimming.  In addition the energy savings would be excellent.  Very little use for heat or air conditioning!

Other Videos That May Be Deleted By The Embarrassed Weather Channel In The Future:

May 2, 2014 – (Video Deleted!)
May 16, 2014 – Deleted!)

Most Of The Weather Channel Links On This Page No Longer Exist Due To Utter Embarrassment!

Screen Shot Taken April 22, 2014:

Weather Channel 2014 Summer Forecast Screen Shot
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