The Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant Properties Of Purple Potatoes

Purple PotatoesThe video above highlights the anti-inflammatory benefits of various vegetables.  Beginning at 1:30 in the video the amazing health benefits of purple potatoes are revealed.  These miraculous purple potatoes, native to South America, significantly decreased inflammation, oxidation, blood pressure. DNA damage, and reduced the risk of heart disease.  Unfortunately on the other hand standard white potatoes seem to increase inflammation, and oxidation. The general rule with potatoes is the darker the pigment the more healthy it is for you.  The many health benefits of purple potatoes are courtesy of the anti-oxidant anthocyanin which is responsible for the color of many blue, and purple produce. These violet potatoes can be cooked in a variety of ways the same as white potatoes.  As for taste many agree that purple potatoes don’t taste much different from the standard white, or yellow potatoes you might buy at the supermarket.  Certainly any difference would be minimal when cooked, and spiced to perfection! Your local grocery store might sell these nutritious potatoes, or you’ll have to shop at a specialty store.

I just tried the mini variety of purple potatoes roasted with chicken, and they tasted exactly like standard white or yellow potatoes.  So there’s nothing stopping you from getting the health enhancing benefits of violet potatoes!

You can buy seed potatoes to grow your own at

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