Diabetes And How Sugar Works In Your Body

Could Diabetes be caused by a simple mineral deficiency? Nah that’s crazy because surely your Doctor would tell you this instead of giving you prescription drugs! Of course, we’re probably talking about an Allopathic Doctor as opposed to a Naturopathic Doctor who would realize a great many health issues are caused by dietary inadequacies. Naturally, sugar is given the sole blame for the Diabetic scourge. However, the human body needs sugar for energy. Even our DNA is composed of sugar. Blood sugar problems come into play when you consume more sugar than your cells are capable of metabolizing.

The Alarming Rise Of Diabetes

Currently over 10% of American are stricken with Diabetes. Cases of Diabetes rose greatly in the 20th century and is projected to continue growing in the 21st century. This is due in part to foods being grown in mineral depleted soils. This deprives people of key nutrients necessary for metabolizing sugar along with making things taste worse. In response food producers add more sugar to make things taste better. We also saw the rise of cheap junk food laden with sugar. All these factors have contributed to the Diabetic epidemic! Without all the nutrients our ancestors had in their foods vitamin and mineral supplementation becomes more important than ever!

The Missing Minerals Of Diabetes

After consuming anything with sugar it ends up in your bloodstream. In response the pancreas sends insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin binds to insulin receptors on the walls of your cells. This sends a signal telling the cell to allow the sugar fuel inside for proper metabolism into the energy we need to survive. Unfortunately, there is an interruption in the signal if the minerals Chromium and Vanadium are not present. Something discovered back in the late 1950’s by Dr. Walter Mertz. When this happens the pancreas creates more insulin. Both insulin and sugar build up to unhealthy levels in the blood. Eventually the sheer pressure of the insulin on the cells causes holes to punch through the walls thereby destroying the cells. This is the likely cause of Diabetes side effects that include blindness, loss of limbs, infections and various other maladies.

Whether you believe that Chromium and Vanadium are they keys to preventing Diabetes or not it surely doesn’t hurt to supplement. These are essential minerals out the 90 humans need to survive! Shop for Blood Support Supplements with Chromium and Vanadium…

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