Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

The Healing & Preventative Health Power Of Nutritional Supplements

The wisdom of Dr. Joel Wallach exposes the fraud of the failed profit motivated mainstream medical industry along with the revelation that most diseases are caused by vitamin-mineral deficiencies.  Dr.Wallach was originally trained as a veterinarian before becoming a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.  He noticed that most farm animal diseases were cured by nutritional supplements while humans were given prescription drugs that merely suppressed symptoms in a number of cases.  In extreme cases unnecessary surgeries take place!  The reason is simple.  Human health is ideal for profit.  Especially with the insurance industry looking to profit off people as well.  However when it comes to farm animals corporations must have simple low cost cures to keep food prices competitive. Cures that mainly consist of correcting vitamin-mineral deficiencies which is the cause of many health issues in both humans, and animals.  The video presentations below, and recommended books are some of the most informative health information you’ll ever receive in your entire life!

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