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The Tides Of The Temporal Tempest

The Tides Of The Temporal Tempest is the story of a remarkable women of exceptional beauty and intelligence who gains power and glory in politics yet whose quest of finding true love has alluded her thus far.  Her name is Elizabeth Everhart and she attains the honor of becoming the worlds first female President who drives forth an unparalleled progressive agenda of peace and security throughout the world making her one of the most important leaders in US and global history.  Yet danger lurks from an unlikely source that no one can protect her from except for one brave man who never met her yet would gladly die for her.  His name is Michael Xavier and he fights against the forward currents of time to save her and our future from certain doom.


It was an ordinary day like any other for Elizabeth Everhart or any six year old girl for that matter.  She sat safe and sound in a redwood sandbox in her backyard as her mom would look out the kitchen window every so often to check on her delightful daughter.  The yard was lush with trees and shrubs whose dark hue contrasted with the light blue sky of a warm sunlit filled summer day.  The entire backyard was enclosed by a 6 foot tall pinewood fence so Elizabeth's mother, Susan, worried not for her daughter as the soft white sand flowed from her little hands.  Elizabeth was a curious, intelligent, and sometimes humorous girl who could enjoy her playmates as much as playing alone for her imagination was ripe with a plethora of thoughts and ideas.  Her shoulder length blonde hair flowed softly in the warm breeze as a lady bug landed on her arm.  She watched it crawl about curiously for the longest time letting her sand castle city construction lag.  Suddenly just as her mother went to answer the phone a bright flash of light from behind a nearby evergreen signaled the most traumatic experience of her childhood.

Chapter 1

Michael Xavier's first kiss from a woman outside his family was fate for it was from the woman he grew up dreaming of.  His parents would often relay the story of visiting the Elizabeth Everhart Presidential Library on the day she was there.  Elizabeth Everhart, elected in 2020, was the first female President Of The United States Of America who brought about revolutionary changes that helped sweep the globe clean of war, poverty, and despair.  It was windy spring day in 2090 as flower petals streamed off the cherry blossom trees fluttering gracefully through the air in front of the reflecting pool next to the library.  The former President was nearly 114 years old with shoulder length gray hair and a youthful spring her step thanks to new nanobotic cellular repair technologies that would eventually end the aging process that had plagued human kind for millennia.  Unfortunately even with such technological marvels she only had two years left on the peaceful planet she helped shape.  Two Secret Service agents stood on each side of her as people began to flock to her upon noticing her low key arrival.  Michael's parents rushed over hoping to meet her.  His mother held little two year old Michael in her arms as they approached her.  The child immediately caught her eye and she asked to hold him.  "What an sweet adorable boy you have!", she exclaimed with joy in her gentle angelic voice.  She kissed him gently on his cheek and he let out a little giggle causing her and others around her to laugh.  She looked into his dark blue eyes and felt something familiar she couldn't put her finger on as she handed him back to his mother.

Unfortunately Michael was to young to remember that special day so the first time he laid eyes upon Elizabeth Everhart's hauntingly beautiful image on the virtualnet, a virtual reality internet that replaced Internet2 in 2094, in grade school.  It was love at first sight and reading about her in the historical records was a favorite pastime of his.  He especially indulged in her autobiography that delved into her inner most thoughts and feelings.  Elizabeth wrote it later in life and it was to only be published upon her death due to it being so deeply personal in nature.  The text was rich in personal diary entries ripe with reflections of her remarkable life.  Even being a socially well adjusted individual he could not stop himself from programming virtual reality simulations which allowed him to interact with her using her image and personality based on her extensive autobiography.  Michael would never dare tell a soul that he engaged in virtual sensual relations with Elizabeth during his hormone driven teenage years.  Virtual reality can seem real but intimate contact is still not easily reproduced and there's something usually off that not even the programmers can isolate.  Still without ever remembering meeting her he felt he intimately knew her and secretly yearned to be with Elizabeth.  Yet he knew it was a cruel fate that they were born over a century apart.  As he would gaze into her virtual eyes he felt something so wonderful yet at the same time so indescribable.

His love of Elizabeth and history in general fueled his study of both along with the newly emerging field of time travel.  In 2104 the first time machine was switched on.  It was a technology based on a 20th century physicist Ronald Mallett's work in which he theorized that temporal communications could occur by bending space-time with circulating laser light.  Communications could only occur within the time frame the machine was on.  So when Michael attended the University it was located at he was one of the lucky few Temporal mechanics majors to actually talk to people in the past.  It was 2106 and he was talking to fellow students in 2104.  It was only a two year difference but still the most amazing scientific invention of all time thus far.  What was a thousand times more amazing were the messages he got to hear from hundreds of years in the future.  For some reason contact with the future seems to cut off around 2641 presumably due to the machines power being cut off.  There was a delay in the messages as the governments temporal directives allowed them to censor out any information that might be used to alter the future in a negative way.  Michael talked to many people from the future and the planet seemed to having a peaceful future ahead of it.  He even talked to himself once from 15 years in the future.  When trying to talk to himself beyond that he is given no explanation except that he no longer has access beyond that point in the future.  Indeed that bothered him but he knew that he indeed pursued his dream career in the temporal sciences.  Though he knew not if he ever reached his goal of being on a time travel project that would allow him to really go to the past someday.  Little did he know that his law enforcement training fueled by his strong sense of justice would someday merge with his knowledge of time travel.  In the meantime he knew law enforcement was the better prospect for steady employment.

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Disclaimer: Elizabeth Everhart and all other characters in our story that resembles any private individuals, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.




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