Flower Moon Werewolf Warning

The Full Moon of May is usually known as The Flower Moon since it’s the month spring flowers first bloom in abundance. The mainstream community is also classifying this as a Blue Moon due to it being the third of four Moons in a single season. However, in the paranormal world, it doesn’t have the supernatural sway of a true Blue Moon. Thankfully, the Flower Moon doesn’t enhance Werewolves in any way so we only have the standard threat of being mauled, eaten alive, or turned into a mindless monster! The only benefit to humans is the fact that Flower Goddesses, Nymphs, and Fairies will be rising to peak power. This only amid densely blooming areas under the glittering glow of the magnificent Moon. If you call out to them they will aid you in eluding a wild wolf of Hell!🌺

The Flower Fairy Protection Summoning Spell

The Flower Fairy Protection Summoning Spell has a recorded history of causing several Fairies to swarm a Werewolf. It confuses the blasphemous beast long enough for humans to escape! Simply recite the following with sincerity in your fright filled heart!🧚‍♀️

Fairies of flowering joy,
Come forth to quell my fear,
I implore you to be my decoy,
A wayward Werewolf is near!

Of course, if no flowers are afoot then you’re screwed…well there’s still holy artifacts, silver items, and wolfsbane to repel the supernatural scourges of the lunar light! As always we highly recommend carrying a squirt gun loaded with authentic holy water as it burns the hairy horror and often causes them to scurry away into the dark shadows! You’re best bet is to stay indoors from dusk to dawn until the Moon is under 80% of Full.🐺

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The Lucky Spring Supermoon Werewolf Warning

🌕The Full Moon of March is generally known as the Storm Moon. The lunar energies of this Moon cause more aggressive behavior in Werewolves. Especially during any snow or thunderstorms that might take place. Thankfully, the general luck of  Saint Patrick’s Day aids in protecting humans throughout the month.  This year the March Moon falls on the March 20th Spring Vernal Equinox and is mere days away from the 17th of sainted fortune.  This works toward imbuing more luck upon potential werewolf prey while the deities of Spring bring about more peace in the demonic heart of the blasphemous beast. There’s also the balance of the equinox pulling more humanity into the mind of the mad wolf. Unfortunately, this is a Supermoon as well. Supermoon’s give us beyond monstrous werewolves that are far more powerfully muscular than usual! This is due to the Moons closer proximity to Earth.🍀

We’re Forecasting Gentler Werewolves With A Side Of Supernatural Caution

What we have here is a Lucky Spring Supermoon. This will leave us with non-enhanced werewolves due to the Supermoon and Storm Moon energies being neutralized by the Luck of Leprechauns, the holy Saint Patrick, Spring deities, and Mother Earth herself. In some cases, these factors might not only protect humans from werewolves but also prevent transition to wolf form in those who resist. Those werewolves in close proximity to Leprechauns, Goddesses, Nymphs, and Fairies may find themselves calmed down for a time. Nights, where the Moon is above 80% of full, will be somewhat safer than usual. Although, one should never let their guard down when it comes to the Lycanthrope menace! True good luck charms can repel werewolves during this Moon in addition to the usual holy artifacts, wolfsbane, and silver.🐺

Leprechaun And Clurichaun Activity

Leprechauns will still be frolicking about the world spreading luck until April’s Fool’s Day. Many end up returning to the Emerald Isle to recharge their good luck gold reserves. In spots where lucky leprechaun magic is in play, you may see the Moon as tinted green. This is technically a Shamrock Moon. Despite this please beware of their bad luck counterparts known as Clurichaun’s. Warped Leprechauns of darkness who have turned to demon masters rather than Saint Patrick. In fact, the Devil mocks Patrick and other Saints by appointing so-called Dark Saints. For instance, the Anti-Claus, a Demi-Demon, is called the Dark Saint Nicholas to belittle Santa Claus. The Dark Saint Patrick is the Archdemon in charge of bad fortune.☘️

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The Dark Leprechauns Of Damnation

Clurichauns are tricky little bastards and will often pose as Leprechauns. They will attempt to make compromising deals with you. They will tempt you by promising to grant you wishes and make your dreams come true. Sometimes in exchange for selling your soul or even just a portion of it. No real Leprechaun would do this. Leprechauns are generally shy and avoid humans while invisibly diffusing favorable fortune around us. If a Dark Leprechaun doesn’t get his way he tends to turn violent very quickly! If faced with one you can repel him with lucky charms and religious artifacts as these minute monsters have demonic qualities. You can also attempt to summon a Leprechaun for help with a magical spell.😈

The Spring Equinox Of Ostara Magic

The Spring celebration of Ostara brings about many secret ceremonies in isolated rural areas. You may find Goddesses, Nymphs, Fairies, and other nature deities phasing into physical form. They will be passing the baton from their winter to their spring counterparts. Among these beguiling entities will be ascension rituals where lower Goddesses will be made into greater beings. Amid this little Elves will be skipping about performing their usual duties. Various Practitioners Of Magic, especially witches, will be afoot celebrating Ostara and calling upon these natures goddesses for power and guidance. On quite a few occasions they will be fully disrobed in order to fully be one with nature! If you happen upon them please be polite and don’t stare. Just keep walking past averting your eyes with respect. You don’t want to anger a witch with your leering! Also, there will be dark witches out in the woods and fields attempting to call forth demons to put a monkey wrench in things! They have a funny knack of sacrificing innocent humans on their altar of Hell!🌼

The Reemergence Of The Easter Bunny

Somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere The Easter Bunny, the worlds only Werehare, will make an appearance at a ritual of Goddesses to welcome the season of growth and fertility. There he will commune with Ēostre The Chief Goddess Of Spring as the Easter season officially commences. This is considered his annual reemergence from his hibernation of rest before Easter on April 21st, 2019. The Goddess will receive the first egg of Easter. A holy egg full of enchanted energy to aid in the delightful deities spreading Spring forth across the land. If you spot the Easter Bunny on March 20th you may ask for an Easter Egg. It will be a special egg that will grant you a wish or imbue you with some manner of paranormal powers! For the rest of you who don’t come across any supernatural beings rest assured that you will bask in the mystical moon glow of Leprechaun Luck in the peace of Spring balance and prosperity!🐇

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A Super Snow Moon Werewolf Warning Is In Effect!

The Snow Moon Of February has no additional effects on Werewolves.  The Gods Of Winter who hold power over it in conjunction with the Lunar Goddesses may only cause a werewolf to play in the snow until they sense human prey is afoot! Unfortunately, this particular moon is a Supermoon that is closer to Earth than usual. Therefore the stronger metaphysical lunar energies will cause werewolves to transform into bulkier monsters of a deeply aggressive sort! At least double that of normal Lycanthrope rage!🐺

💗Will The Love Of Valentines Day Save The Night From The Werewolf Menace?

Thankfully, we are still close to Valentines Day. Although, the enchanted energies of love aren’t enough to declare this a Valentines Moon. It is still enough to dampen the malevolent effect of the Supermoon. In the end, we may break even and the werewolves will be their usual monstrous self minus the massive muscles! Still, as always take paranormal precautions such as wearing silver, religious artifacts, wolfsbane, and having a squirt gun filled with top-flight holy water! Better yet stay indoors at night until the Moon is below 80% of full!🌕

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Valentines Day Dark Cupid Warning!

Cupid GirlValentine’s Day is the central holiday of love on Earth. It is the day the forces of good marshal forth The Spirit Of Love around the world in order to battle the forces of darkness. Of course the forces of darkness also fight back by warping love into something diabolical, and damaging!  The leader of this February 14th paranormal holiday is an ascended human who became an Angel Saint named Valentine.  The Heavenly Angelic hierarchy granted him permission to preside over Saint Valentine’s Day so the power of love would not spiral out of control or fall into the wrong hands.

The Control Of Love Among Angels, Gods, And Saints

The Angels of Heaven especially wanted to take over control from the various Earthly Love Gods, and Goddesses since Angels are at odds with all Gods other than their Lord Father, aka The Omniverse God. Although it’s not quite as bad a rivalry as they have with Demons. There are even rumors that Valentine has a secret romantic relationship with the Greek Goddess of Love Aphrodite who aids in powering the Spirit Of Love for the forces of light on Earth.  Normally this would be blasphemy but humans promoting a person to Sainthood offers said person some amount of tolerance by the non-human Angels. There’s also the fact that human ascended Angels are destined to ascend to Godhood status someday!

Valentines Day: The Holiday Of Love

Saint Valentine is in charge of a special group of Angels known as Cupids.  Their mission is to channel the Spirit Of Love, and metaphysically manifest it around the world.  Saint Valentines Day is the pinnacle of their paranormal quest to imbue love and harmony upon humankind.  In some cases, it’s especially needed due to Dark Cupids, aka low-level demons who specialize in growing hatred in the hearts of humans. Sometimes they may merely weave the web of apathy to suffocate the flames of passion. While Cupids look to bring couples, friends, and family together, Anti-Cupids relish breaking up relationships of all sorts!  That is why Valentine’s Day is also Anti-Valentine’s Day as both of these forces clash on February 14th.

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Cupids Have Never Had To Work Harder In These Trying Times!

As with all things, at the end of the day a balance between darkness, and light generally occurs. However, Cupids have had their work cut out for them since November 2016. There has been continued hatred seen across the world in response to the Donald Trump Presidency. A greater amplification of a deeper political divide seen between conservatives and liberals since at least the year 2000. Something many supernatural beings haven’t seen since the civil unrest of the late 1960’s! Although, they also had a revolution of peace, and love which we’re seriously not seeing here! There’s also the fact that human history has never seen so many single people and those in a wide array of dysfunctional relationships! This is either a signal of the coming apocalypse or that there will be balance brought about in a future era of exceptional love and peace!

Dark Valentines Day!

Dark Cupid Of Damnation

Dark Cupid Of Damnation!

Anti-Valentine’s Day, or Dark Valentines Day, is presided over by The Demon Of Hatred named Odite.  On this day he is the Devils favorite demon.  He ironically works in conjunction with the Roman Goddess Of Love Venus who now follows the path of dark twisted love.  This can be seen in her physical body, the violent planet of Venus.  Her jealousy of Goddess Gaia Mother Earth is part of the reason why she turned to the dark side. Her son Cupid is actually the Chief Dark Cupid holding a rare command position over Demons.  He has a violent side he obtained from his Father Mars, the Roman God Of War, who rules over his own barren planet of despair.  The goal of these misguided demons and gods is to foster the Spirit Of Hatred so Dark Valentine’s Day rules the world!

A Day Of Dynamic Love

On this day some may feel extra love, extra hatred, or the heavy fog of apathy weighing heavy upon their body, and soul. One’s mindset is key in repelling or attracting certain cupids, and humans as well.  Embracing Anti-Valentine’s Day in a lighthearted manner can be a good release for relationship frustrations. However delving deeper into the dark side can cause Anti-Cupids to feed off your hatred, and bring dark luck upon you….or worse! There are also Succubus and Incubus afoot working in unison with Dark Cupids!

Be On Alert For Cupids Both Good And Bad!

All Cupids, good, or bad, will mostly perform their emotional handy work invisibly. Although some will take human form, both male, and female, to accomplish their missions.  Beware if a mysterious stranger enters your life today.  Trust your instincts! If you feel malevolence from the person then flee the scene ASAP for they could be a Cupid Of The Damned! If you feel an unusual attraction or general feeling of warmth from a complete stranger then they could be a Cupid of love. Embrace whatever they have to offer!

How To Repel Dark Cupids!

Besides good thoughts, Dark Cupids can be repelled by simply celebrating Valentine’s Day, and giving gifts in the name of love, and friendship.  This
will also strengthen the Spirit Of Love.  There’s also the power of the religious symbology of your particular spiritual belief system. Symbols of love such as hearts. Ruby and silver heart jewelry with religious symbols on it are particularly powerful. Especially when blessed by a priest. Also, the Lamprocapnos, or Bleeding Heart Plant, and Roses can aid in repealing Anti-Cupids. Mixing them in blessed holy water can enhance the repellent effect. If you feel in immediate danger pray to Saint Valentine, or even Aphrodite, along with attempting to summon a Cupid to your location via the following spell:

Dark Luck HeartIn the name of Saint Valentine, I call upon the Cupid of Love,
Your Dark Brothers of hatred have descended upon me,
Please come to my aid in peace like a dove,
I implore you in the name of love to heed my plea!

The Magic Of Love Spells And Potions

Valentine’s Day, like most supernatural holidays, brings out practitioners of magic in full force looking to utilize metaphysical energies of love in their magical spells. The most powerful love, and hate spells take place on February 14th.  These include potent potions that can deeply manipulate people into bending to their will. Some of these wondrous wielders of magic are rare witches, and warlocks of Love & Dark Love who may call upon their respective Cupid Masters for power.  Magical Love, whether light or dark, in the hands of the inexperienced or destructive can lead to varying levels of mayhem! If you do nothing else on Valentine’s Day at least put any harbored hatred on hold. Especially those of you deeply angered by the current political climate.  Karma wise it can only come back to haunt you later on!

Stay Safe, And In Love! Happy Valentines Day From Mystic Investigations!

Hypnotic Love Channeling Device

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