Frenzied April Fool Alert

The April FoolBehold the return of the most mischievous master of mirth!  The perplexing patron of pranks!  The Amazing April Fool!  Yes perhaps flattery will ease the annual day of embarrassment for us. Among his many stops around the world The Fool always finds time to make Mystic Investigations the butt of his jovial joking.  Whether it be the vandalizing of our website, the defacing of our offices, the instant disintegration of clothing, the unintended pratfalls at the most inopportune moments, sudden stuttering amid speeches, and even blurting out enchanting expletives for no apparent reason!  It’s the general consensus in the paranormal community that humiliation at his hands is a badge of honor. Of course he also enjoys indulging in his most malicious side when teaching truly vile villains a much deserved lesson.

Due to recent contact with some top level Norse Gods Mystic Investigations can finally verify that the Trickster God Loki is in fact the creator of the supernatural entity known as the April Fool.  The Fool himself is classified as a supernatural Trickster. Although there may be other Gods in league with him lending more power to his flagrant foolishness. Every seven years a worthy human with hilarity in his, or her, heart is chosen to be the new master of mischief on that most hallowed first day of April.  The April Fool is a way for Loki to cause hilarious havoc indirectly thereby protecting himself from the wrath of any higher dimensional beings more powerful than himself.  Perhaps you could be the next Fool if your heart hankers for a heaven of unhinged hilarity!

So what can you do to protect yourself from this flaky fools reign of farcical feats?  Simply
never truly being embarrassed pretty much insures The April Fool won’t bother blanketing you with blatant buffoonery.  Celebrating April Fool’s Day helps but you can’t gain too much glee through your own brand of April Fool’s absurdities. Otherwise it’s too tempting for him to give you a titanic taste of your own malicious medicine. For some reason Jester or Clown dolls, along with other related memorabilia, deters him from potential victims.  Having the tricks of the pranking trade upon your person also aids in the repelling the ridiculousness of the wacky wisecracker!  In addition the Harlequin flower, aka Sparaxis tricolor, is Mother Nature’s only known April Fool repellant.  However it’s not always effective depending on the circumstances.  The best thing you can do is take the joke like a trooper, and don’t be a party pooper!  Having an angry aura only eggs the high priest of hijinks onward into perpetual pranking posture.  No matter what wild whimsy The Fool brings down upon you rest assured he never hurts anyone physically.  Yes your pride may be wounded but otherwise all is well.  He also appears to sense if someone has deep mental, or emotional issues because he either leaves them alone, or only mildly messes with them. If something embarrassing happens to you out of blue on April 1st then you’re most likely a victim of the April Fool! Happy April Fools Day To All, And To All A Non-Mortifying Night!

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Ghost-Poltergeist Watch

Geomagnetic storms are raging in the upper atmosphere at the same time solar x-ray activity is highly active.  The increased solar energy charges our environment with unseen energies of enchantment that lure ghosts, poltergeists, and even demons out of their fifth dimensional realm. Once in our reality a great many will cause havoc whether it be on purpose, or unintentionally.  Spirit activity already present here will be super charged, and powered up for paranormal action! Some may even manifest in a metaphysical matter form!

We suggest exercising extreme caution in any building where someone has died along with the usual haunts of spooky specters.  They of course include graveyards, mortuary’s, county morgues, funeral ceremonies, hospitals, and old folks homes.  Anywhere the stink of death is afoot there will be non-corporeal entity activity.  Although they may not always manifest themselves to humans.  This turbulent time could possibly open our physical realm to a wide array of undesirable higher dimensional beings. On the other hand it may be a great time to try, and contact the dearly departed via Medium, or Psychic. Other areas of danger include zones of high electromagnetic activity such as large power lines.

In general Ghosts are mainly harmless deceased humans that may manifest in visual and/or auditory ways.  Poltergeists on the other hand are evil to the core! These malicious spirits of darkness are extremely dangerous entities who can also insinuate themselves in a physical manner at times.  They have a nasty knack for performing telekinesis and hurdling objects at people in a menacing manner.  If you feel, see, hear, or smell the sinister stink of an unknown paranormal presence then please vacate the area ASAP and contact your local paranormal professionals which include ghost hunters. Priests, and practitioner of real magic may come in handy as well!

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The Shamrock Storm Moon Werewolf Warning!

TShamrock Moonhe Full Moon of March is most often referred to as the Storm Moon in the supernatural community. However like any Moon, it’s mystical magic can be dominated by various metaphysical forces. Since this Full Moon is four days away from lucky Saint Patrick’s Day, and Leprechauns are out in full force, they have some sway on the Lunar powers. So this month the Moon is called the Shamrock Storm Moon. Most Storm Moons produce more aggressive Werewolves brazen enough to enter more populated areas to satiate their need for fresh meat! Thankfully The Spirit Of Luck, and The Angel Saint Patrick, have lessened this rage. You should also manage to escape a Werewolf through pure luck! Particularly if you carry luck charms with you. Whether that be shamrock, a four leafed clover, rabbit’s foot, horse shoe, gold coin, or anything you personally considered a symbol of luck.

In some areas where Leprechauns are scurrying about you may find the Moon appears to have an emerald tint to it. When you see that rest assured you can venture out at night, and face an entire Werewolf pack without worry of even getting a scratch! We always err on the side of paranormal caution so this claim isn’t made lightly! If it appears dark green then you have witches, or other practitioners of magic, in vicinity channeling the metaphysical energies of righteous luck. As long as you bask in the green glow of this marvelous Moon nothing bad can happen to you! When a green hued Shamrock Moon falls on Saint Patrick’s Day itself you are imbued with good luck for 7 days afterward!

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Valentines Day Dark Cupid Warning!

Cupid GirlValentine’s Day is the central holiday of love on Earth. It is the day the forces of good marshal forth the The Spirit Of Love around the world in order to battle the forces of darkness.  Of course the forces of darkness also fight back by warping love into something diabolical, and damaging!  The leader of this February 14th paranormal holiday is an ascended human who became an Angel Saint named Valentine.  The Heavenly Angelic hierarchy granted him permission to preside over Saint Valentine’s Day so the power of love would not spiral out of control or fall into the wrong hands.  They especially wanted to take over control from the various Earthly Love Gods, and Goddesses since Angels are at odds with all Gods other than their Lord Father, aka The Omniverse God. Although it’s not quite as bad a rivalry as they have with Demons.  There’s even rumors that Valentine has a secret romantic relationship with the Greek Goddess of Love Aphrodite who aids in powering the Spirit Of Love for the forces of light on Earth.  Normally this would be blasphemy but humans promoting a person to Sainthood offers said person some amount of tolerance by the non-human Angels.

Saint Valentine is in charge of a special group of Angels known as Cupids.  Their mission is to channel the Spirit Of Love, and metaphysically manifest it around the world.  Saint Valentines Day is the pinnacle of their paranormal quest to imbue love, and harmony upon humankind.  In some cases it’s especially needed due to Dark Cupids, aka low level demons who specialize in growing hatred in the hearts of humans.  In some cases they may merely weave the web of apathy to suffocate the flames of passion. While Cupids look to bring couples, friends, and family together, Anti-Cupids relish breaking up relationships of all sorts.  That is why Valentine’s Day is also Anti-Valentine’s Day as both of these forces clash on February 14th. As with all things, at the end of the day a balance between darkness, and light generally occurs. However Cupids have their work cut out for them in 2017 with the violent hatred seen across the world in response to the Donald Trump Presidency. Something many supernatural beings haven’t seen since the civil unrest of the late 1960’s! However they also had a revolution of peace, and love which we’re seriously not seeing here! There’s also the fact that human history has never seen so many single people, and those in a wide array of dysfunctional relationships!

Dark Cupid Of Damnation

Dark Cupid Of Damnation!

Dark Valentines Day!
Anti-Valentine’s Day, or Dark Valentines Day, is presided over by The Demon Of Hatred named Odite.  On this day he is the Devils favorite demon.  He ironically works in conjunction with the Roman Goddess Of Love Venus who now follows the path of dark twisted love.  This can be seen in her physical body, the violent planet of Venus.  Her jealousy of Goddess Gaia Mother Earth is part of the reason why she turned to the dark side. Her son Cupid is actually the Chief Dark Cupid holding a rare command position over Demons.  He has a violent side he obtained from his Father Mars, the Roman God Of War, who rules over his own barren planet of despair.  The goal of these misguided demons, and gods, is to foster the Spirit Of Hatred so Dark Valentine’s Day rules the world!

On this day some may feel extra love, extra hatred, or the heavy fog of apathy weighing heavy upon their body, and soul. One’s mindset is key in repelling or attracting certain cupids, and humans as well.  Embracing
Anti-Valentine’s Day in a lighthearted manner can be a good release for relationship frustrations. However delving deeper into the dark side can cause Anti-Cupids to feed off your hatred, and bring dark luck upon you….or worse!  All Cupids, good, or bad, will mostly perform their emotional handy work invisibly. However some will take human form, both male, and female, to accomplish their missions.  Beware if a mysterious stranger enters your life today.  Trust your instincts! If you feel malevolence from the person then flee the scene ASAP for they could be a Cupid Of The Damned! If you feel an unusual attraction, or general feeling of warmth from a complete stranger then they could be a Cupid of love.

Besides good thoughts, Dark Cupids can be repelled by simply celebrating Valentine’s Day, and giving gifts in the name of love, and friendship.  This
will also strengthen the Spirit Of Love.  There’s also the power of the religious symbology of your particular spiritual belief system. Symbols of love such as hearts. Ruby, and silver heart jewelry with religious symbols on it are particularly powerful especially when blessed by a priest. Also the Lamprocapnos, or Bleeding Heart Plant, and Roses can aid in repealing Anti-Cupids. Especially if mixed with blessed holy water. If you feel in immediate danger pray to Saint Valentine, or even Aphrodite, along with attempting to summon a Cupid to your location via the following spell:

Dark Luck HeartIn the name of Saint Valentine I call upon the Cupid of Love,
Your Dark Brothers of hatred have descended upon me,
Please come to my aid in peace like a dove,
I implore you in the name of love to heed my plea!

Valentine’s Day, like most supernatural holidays, brings out practitioners of magic in full force looking to utilize metaphysical energies of love in their magical spells.  The most powerful love, and hate spells take place on February 14th.  These include potent potions that can deeply manipulate people into bending to their will. Some of these wondrous wielders of magic are rare witches, and warlocks of Love & Dark Love who may call upon their respective Cupid Masters for power.  Magical Love, whether light or dark, in the hands of the inexperienced or destructive can lead to varying levels of mayhem! If you do nothing else on Valentine’s Day at least put any harbored hatred on hold. Especially those of you deeply angered by the current political climate.  Karma wise it can only come back to haunt you later on!

Stay Safe, And In Love! Happy Valentines Day From Mystic Investigations!

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