Poltergeist Warning In Effect

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Despite the good luck of St.Patrick’s Day being spread about by Leprechauns there is a Poltergeist warning in effect due to the violent storms in the Earths geomagnetic field along with extremely active solar x-rays.   Both magnetic and the various forms of solar energy including x-rays are used as power sources by various non-corporeal entities to manifest their presence in this world.  This is especially true of poltergeists who may have felt they were driven away before their works of terror were completed.

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If you experience the presence of an invisible entity of pure violent thought then please do your best to ignore them as getting angry only fuels their rage.  Immediately call professional paranormal investigators or even your local Priest for help.  Always be sure to have holy water on hand to sprinkle about your home as a deterrent.  However never sprinkle it during actually poltergeist activity as it can be dangerous in the hands of a novice.  If you feel your life is in danger from a spiritual infestation in your home we advise leaving immediately and staying with a relative or at a hotel until professionals can eradicate the entity of evil.

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I'm the President of Mystic Investigations. A private paranormal crime fighting organization out for supernatural justice in a world full of supernatural darkness.
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