A Most Horrifying Harvest Moon Werewolf Watch

The sinister September Harvest Moon is upon us! In the blissfully ignorant human world it is seen as a serene celestial event that grants us a large low lying Moon which is sometimes a shade of amber or orange. Often beautifully bright in the spacious skies it blesses farmers with additional light to manage their Autumn harvest. Unfortunately, in the secret world of the supernatural the Harvest Moon brings us the wayward wolves of a monstrous mode!ūüźļ

The Wandering Wayward Werewolf

The paranormal powers of the lunar light transforms humans infected with the Lycanthrope virus into Werewolves! Mindless horrors of huge hair out for the flesh and blood of anything that moves! This includes you pal! Thankfully, they are most often in rural areas and steer clear of large population centers. This is reinforced with the Harvest Moon as its lunar energies draw Werewolves to farm fields around the world! Certainly agricultural workers and animals nearby will be facing extra special dangers on what should be pleasantly peaceful Fall nights! Despite this don’t let your guard down in cities as there is always the random Urban Werewolf! Particularly in large city parks. So far we have multiple reports of Werewolf sightings and attacks from around the globe. Naturally, the various governments all have their mechanisms in place to cover up these diabolical disturbances and deeply discredit them as they pull the strings of media outlets!

A number of human Werewolves do lock themselves away in a responsible manner during the full Moon. Although many have no idea they are Werewolves. Especially those just bitten by a Lycanthrope recently. In addition, the Harvest Moon exudes an extra special pull that clouds the judgement of human minds intertwined with demonic Werewolf DNA. The Harvest Moon seems to always have demonic tentacles within its rays as they use Werewolves as a dark communications device. They compel Werewolves at a sub-consciousness level to create what appear to be crop circles in fields.

Hell’s Unwitting Messengers

The Werewolf acts as Hell’s paranormal pens to relay demonic messages via ancient demonic symbols. It sends forth the word to the forces of supernatural darkness as to what the global strategy will be for the Halloween season. A time of chaos as these dark magic masters and blasphemous beings perpetrate perplexing plots to take over the world and drown it in an everlasting shroud of damnation! Luckily there are paranormal professionals who manage to break the clandestine code of these carefully crafted crop circles that lead to many alarming events being thwarted! You may be tempted to destroy the sinister symbols after photographing them with drones for deciphering. However be aware you may anger the farmers, have werewolves still lurking about, and may even find wicked witches flying above on broomsticks reading the symbols! Let us who fight the good fight against these filthy fiends worry about this and take the risk!

Paranormal Protections Against Werewolf Attack!

We recommend not partaking of nocturnal journeys amid the Harvest Moon until it is below 80% of Full. If you want to go outside to enjoy the marvelous Moon then stay near your home so you can run inside at a moments notice! Amazingly enough a sturdy structure ends up being too frustrating for a Werewolf and they will go find easier prey. Vehicles may provide the same protection to a lesser extent as glass may easily be broken. Speed away in a confusing zigzag pattern to escape a sprinting Werewolf. It also wouldn’t hurt to wash your car with holy water. Perhaps float the idea of sponsoring a car wash for charity at your local church. Then be sure to have the Priest bless all the water. You can raise money for a worthy cause and protect a fair amount of people at the same time! When venturing out on full Moon nights we always advise people to wear silver jewelry and religious symbols. These repel Werewolves due to the demon based DNA they possess. There’s also the simple act of loading a Super Soaker with holy water as it delivers great pain upon Werewolves allowing for your immediate escape! If you feel your life is in danger it doesn’t hurt to pray to an Autumn Nymph or Fairy¬†(See Prayer Below). Such invisible enchanted creatures are always nearby in rural locations. They live to not only support Mother Nature but also aid innocent humans. Interestingly enough Mother Earth gives us the herb Wolfsbane as another deterrent for the Werewolf menace! Stay safe as we entered the alluring Autumn season amid the hallowed heart of Halloween!ūüéÉ

A Prayer to An Autumn Fairyūüćā

Oh blessed Fairy of Fall,
My existence is about to stall,
A Werewolf has made me its prey,
Please guide me away,
Scare the monster astray,
Amen, oh sacred spirit of Autumn!

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By Xavier Remington
President Of Mystic Investigations

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Werewolf Warning For The Full Moon Of August!

The Full Moon of August in the supernatural community is generally known as the Corn Moon. This is due to corn being the most common crop brimming forth in farm fields across the planet. The agricultural Gods and Goddesses work with their lunar counterparts to dominate this months Moon. There is no heightened risk from Werewolves under this Moon. Unfortunately, the usual monstrous danger still exists. Always wear silver and have holy water with you as the most minimal countermeasures when traveling forth into the dark shadows. Various religious artifacts will work as well since Werewolves possess demonic based DNA. Thankfully there are many more ways to repel a Werewolf!

One interesting aspect of this Moon is that it compels some Werewolves to seek out farm fields and create demonic signs that resemble crop circles. Some believe this is the demons of Hell sending a message to the world that they own it and will win the war of Armageddon! In essence using Werewolves as their unwitting paranormal pens. This is why it is best to stay away from farms at night until the Moon is below 80% of full. The youngest of Werewolves will transform at 80% Full! Older ones are able to better resist the transformative allure of the lunar light.

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Friday The 13th Manhattanhenge Jason Voorhees Warning!

Manhattanhenge , or the Manhattan Solstice, is the beautiful biannual alignment of the sunset with the monolithic buildings of New York City. This years enchanted event will take place on Thursday, July 12, 8:20 p.m. and Friday, July 13, 8:21 p.m Eastern Daylight Time. The Thursday evening spectacle brings about the standard metaphysical mayhem of ghost, poltergeists, dark spirits, and more!  For more information please read our past paranormal forecasts for Manhattanhenge. Despite this the true danger lies on Friday The 13th as the metaphysical energies mingle with the dark luck of that day!

Friday The 13th¬†spawns¬†Paraskevidekatriaphobia, aka the fear of Friday The 13th, along with¬†Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13 itself.¬† These frights foment into a sub-conscious spirit within the human¬†collective¬†consciousness causing increased bad luck and dark metaphysical¬†energies. ¬†The dark luck¬†energies produce¬†metaphysical maelstroms substantially surging forth ghosts, poltergeists, and demons.¬† Expect the¬†Witching Hour¬†through the¬†Devil‚Äôs Hour¬†on Friday morning¬† to present the most danger. However don’t discount the damnation that lies in the darkness beyond sunset straight through into Saturday morning! Only at first light will all be well again! Also be on alert for¬†Clurichauns, aka Dark Leprechauns, looking to feed off the dark fortunes of those desperately grasping for good luck in their time of need.

Jason Takes Manhattan!
Jason Voorhees is literally expected to take Manhattan! Just like the movie titled “Jason T
akes Manhattan” you will see a rare appearance of this living dead serial killer in New York. Indeed he is a very real supernatural being! This courtesy of the¬†Manhattanhenge manifestations mingling with that of Friday The 13th. Psychics, seers, and mystics are predicting he will spend the evening taking lives in the city while delivering death during the Witching through Devil’s hour in a nearby rural area with a lake. One with a summer camp is his ideal choice! It’s all apart of his murderous demonic ritual to bolster his paranormal power base. Naturally he’s not too bright so this is more or less orchestrated by his infamous Voorhees Cult who directs him about. Although he does sometimes have a mind of his own and veers off the supernatural script. At least on this Friday The 13th we have some idea where he’ll be as opposed to him popping up anywhere in the United States!

If you reside in Manhattan and spot a large gentleman in a hockey mask wielding a machete then high tail it in the opposite direction as fast as your feet will carry you! It’s possible to out run Jason if you know the city well. His natural habitats are forests and lakes so you have the home field advantage. Just don’t find yourself in Central Park or the tables may turn on you!

On a positive note the Friday The 13th Demon Specter is still out of play thanks to Norse Gods!

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June Strawberry Moon Werewolf Warning

June brings us the sometimes rose tinted Strawberry Moon. A Full Moon not only named after its color but also due to June being a time for succulent strawberries harvested at their peak. The sometimes red tint of this Moon is a good thing unlike the nefarious Blood Moon of darkness. In this case, the crimson coloring can either be explained by the Moon’s low lying light refracting position on the horizon or strong localized Strawberry nymph and fairy activity. The metaphysical energies of this months Moon are controlled by various fruit goddesses in conjunction with lunar deities. These enchanted energies facilitate the ascension of minor deities to higher levels of existence. During the Witching Hour¬†we quite often see¬†Goddesses Gaia’s Paradise Plane phasing into our reality in deep rural areas. In these sacred paranormal places secret ascension ceremonies find Goddesses, nymphs, fairies, elves, witches, and other enchanted entities coming together in peaceful union with Mother Nature.

Strawberry Moon Werewolves
Werewolves will be somewhat less aggressive under the Strawberry Moon. However all werewolves who lack transformation control will still go full furry in the lunar light. In areas with high concentrations of Strawberry deities the Werewolves may be downright docile. Still it is recommended never to approach these unpredictable hairy horrors. When traveling forth into the rosy shadows always have holy water, wolfsbane, and silver on your person for self-defense against these meat eating monsters! If you feel your life is in danger it wouldn’t be a waste of time to pray for the protection of a Strawberry Nymph or Fairy as they are in the highest abundance under this marvelous Moon. They are at their peak of power and eager to heed the calls for help from worthy humans. They can easily calm a Werewolf down long enough for you to make your escape. If this occurs you may actually see the deity or at least red sparkles around the Werewolf. It is expected that you will plant 12 strawberry plants the next day and bless them in the fairy or nymphs name. Their name will be sub-consciously implanted in your head through telepathy. Failure to plant the strawberries may bring you bad luck!

A Fairy In The Hand May Equal Immortality!
You can also gently capture a Strawberry Fairy and compel them to take you to their personal strawberry patch hidden out of phase with our reality. Much in the same way you can capture a Leprechaun and gain lucky wishes. Once you release the fairy you may partake of the beyond sweet supernatural berries to gain immortality, the ability to enter the Paradise Plane at will, and see all nature deities around you that are normally invisible. Unfortunately, you cannot take strawberries with you to share nor bring someone back to eat them. Think carefully about the lonely burden of an immortal journey through the sands of future history!

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