Demonic Vampire Groundhog Warning

Groundhog Day is upon us, and the sacred act of the chosen few groundhogs who predict the length of our winter are in grave danger.  Demonic vampire ground hogs from Hell rise to the surface of our planet on February 2nd looking to add to their numbers by taking down groundhog day heroes such as the immortal Punxsutawney Phil.  His Inner Circle, which is in fact a circle of wizards, work to protect him from the forces of evil.  Not only do the demonic vampire ground hogs want him, and his immortal brothers, but also those who dabble in the dark magics. Those with ties to the Groundhogs who think the dark side is their ticket to increased power. What they’ll find is their soul compromised, and sacrificed by a demonic vampirehog eating them alive!

These vampire groundhogs are mainly after the immortal ground hogs who walk the path of righteousness yet are ironically scared of their own shadow. The Vamphogs will tear anyone to shreds who stands in their path whether they be human, animal, or even supernatural in nature.  Don’t let their size fool you.  Think about the terrifying prospect of a rabid squirrel being let loose in your house! That’s nothing in comparison to these little blasphemous bastards! They’ll take down a large man with extreme bloody prejudice!  Also be aware that they can dwell in direct sunlight due to the strength of their demonic half.  All day, and night on Groundhog’s Day please be vigilant, and look where you’re walking. They’ll super speed up on you, and bite your feet, ankles, and calves with deadly force! Their sharp fangs diving into your flesh to remove every ounce of your precious blood!  They can also leap 20 feet in the air without warning so watch your head!  Unfortunately common vampire repellents are ineffective!  However some standard religious artifacts keep them at bay long enough for you to run away.  The silver cross necklace is always a good call in cases such as these!  Take care on this gory Ground Hogs Day!

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The Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse Warning!

If you thought the Blood Moon Of Halloween was a supernatural nightmare of titanic terror then wait until you get a load of The Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse in the early morning hours of January 31st! Before we say anything else we seriously recommend you stay locked securely indoors during the nighttime hours. All manner of unholy hell will be breaking loose!😮 The Super Moon causes major increases in metaphysical lunar energies thereby increasing paranormal activity both in strength and sheer numbers. The Blue Moon, the second full Moon in one month, has the same effect due to the mystical connection with the first Moon. They create a lunar loop that gives us double the paranormal power. So with two double powered Moons, that’s quadruple the trouble! Expect the most malevolence between the Witching and Devil’s Hours! Be aware that the power of this Moon is so great that it will still present danger even into the sunlit morning hours! Werewolves could still be present! For more information on the enchanting effects of the Blue Moon go here!

Unfortunately, The positive effects of the lunar eclipse are canceled by this. These include vampires temporarily becoming human and werewolves de-transforming to human form. Although that was never completely a positive thing as they still had their monstrous Werewolf persona. In addition, sometimes zombies have been known to freeze in position during a lunar eclipse for reasons not fully understood.

Of course, it is the crimson color of the lunar eclipse that gives it the Blood Moon moniker. Indeed an eclipse is a true blood Moon. Although be it only during that small period of time, unlike a full Blood Moon. A Blood Moon causes extra violent behavior in dark supernatural beings and also increases their power. So during the eclipse itself, we could say there might be Quintuple the metaphysical trouble in combo with the above mentioned Super Blue Moon.

The Violet Moon
We also the unique possibility of a Violet Moon. A rare paranormal phenomenon in areas where the supernatural forces actually make the Moon appear Blue. As the blood red eclipse hits the blue moon it will meld into a violet color. This brief Purple Moon is actually a positive thing. It is a holy light that gives good supernatural beings a major power boost along with turning anything with dark demonic DNA into ash. Even if it’s a being not normally affected by holy sunlight. This includes Werewolves and of course Vampires! There’s even a chance Zombies risen from their graves by dark magic could be destroyed as well! We’ve also seen evidence of exceptionally evil humans getting splitting headaches or worse! If you’re a good person then gaze into the soothing violet light to gain good luck and a healing effect!

History Of The Super Blue Blood Moon
There hasn’t been a Moon like this since 1866! Various supernatural journals and reports from that time indicate paranormal professionals had their hands full! Although they didn’t have our modern weaponry, they were tough as nails back then. Especially those who had just spent years fighting in the Civil War. And of course the further back you go in time the more practitioners of magic there are. They also seemed to have more knowledge of ancient magics. These factors brought the forces of darkness to heel despite the insane metaphysical madness of the Moon. A Moon we won’t see again until 2037!

Expect this Super Blue Blood Moon to be a supernatural issue until February 5th when the Moon is 69% of Full. Generally, 80% of full is the limit for metaphysical repercussions. Especially when it comes to Werewolf transformation. Thankfully we have no Full Moon in February so it should be smooth supernatural sailing until March 2018 when we get another Blue Moon! [Twitter]

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New Year’s Supermoon Werewolf Warning

The Full Moon of January is almost exclusively the Wolf Moon. A time when mostly loner Werewolves come together in aggressive packs. Perplexing packs whose sole instinct is to snuff out human life and devour it whole with monstrous glee! Of course in the morning the Werewolves return to human form and feel great remorse for their actions. That is if they happen to remember or put the murderous clues together. All this despite January being so close to Christmas and it’s calming spirit of goodness. A serene Spirit that gives us gentle cuddly Yule Moon Werewolves. However with the New Year we have a mystical temporal reset along with certain supportive sinister Werewolf Moon Gods who take command of the lunar energies in January. Thankfully the Spirit Of Christmas still has enough sway to deflect the full brunt of the evil energies.

On top of this when we have a Supermoon like this one the Werewolf packs would be especially vicious and brazen. Luckily this January Moon falls on the first and is enchanted by the Baby New Year, Father Time, and an extended connection to Santa Claus himself. The Spirit Of Christmas is still strong on this day! Top flight Mystics, Seers, and Psychics have all agreed that this Wolf Moon is officially canceled! Unfortunately the Wolf Moon will still fly forth with a vengeance on January 31st when we will see another Full Moon in the same month. On top of that it will have the usual blasphemous Blue Moon twist of a terrifying sort! There may be some minor relief from its proximity to Valentines Day but don’t let your guard down on that nasty night!

All that being said we won’t have sweet gentle Werewolves or zero monstrous transmutations of humans afflicted with the Lycanthrope curse. There will be no packs except for those formed by mostly responsible werewolves who have control of their transformations and often maintain some level of humanity in wolf form. The uncontrolled transformations will mainly be in younger Werewolves and they will still be their usual carnivorous selves. However the usual hulked up werewolf of the Supermoon will pretty much be neutralized by the favorable New Year and Christmas factors. The humans who have been cursed the longest will find they can resist the transformation to wolf form. If you venture out at night always have religious artifacts on hand as Werewolves possess demonic DNA.  Christmas artifacts will also repel Werewolves. Even an ugly Christmas sweater might be enough to deter a Werewolf under this particular Moon.

If you happen to live in areas stricken by extreme cold snaps you might find Werewolves hiding out from Abominable Snowmen aka Yeti. Especially in places where snow is falling as well. Werewolves can smell them from miles away. Also the horrifying roar of the Yeti is one of the few sounds that cause a Werewolf to scurry away in complete fright into the dead cold night! Of course Abominable Snowmen love eating humans as well. Yet there are far fewer of them than Werewolves.  Remember that the Werewolf threat can exist even at 80% of full. Stay Safe! Happy New Year!

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The Yule Super Moon Of Christmas Alert

Christmas Yule Moon MagicThe Yule Moon of December is the only Moon of the year that’s almost consistently claimed by the forces of light on Earth! A Full Moon whose metaphysical energies are dominated by the Spirit Of Christmas as directed by the delightful Demi-Angel Santa Claus. Normally Moonlight has some level of unholy light filtered from the holy sunlight. However the Yule Moon is generally a form of holy light. Yet not so holy it repels all manner of dark supernatural forces as the sun would. Instead it tends to have a positive peaceful effect on them. Thankfully this year the enchanting effect is even greater courtesy its proximity to Saint Nicholas Day and the fact that it’s a Supermoon.

December is the only month older Werewolves won’t transform into their ferocious furry forms. The younger ones who do transform will become white werewolves who are gentle as bunnies. Most Vampires beyond fourth generation will lose their urge for blood while younger ones will become temporarily human during the period the Moon is at 100% of full. Certainly a treat for Vampire Slayers! Most zombie activity will be quelled during this time as well. In addition dark spirit activity will be at a minimum causing haunted houses to go quiet. In general a peaceful calm will be blanketed over most supernatural beings. However don’t let your guard down since there are still those with the quintessence of evil dwelling within their dark hearts.

Some interesting elements of enchantment with the Yule Moon include Snowmen coming to life when enough children believe in Frosty The Snowman. Frosty’s spirit is intertwined within the Christmas Spirit. On a somewhat related note Abominable Snowmen, aka Yeti, become docile creatures instead of the blood thirsty monsters of winter they usually are. Another unique component of this holy Moon are the transformation of snow angels into holy spirits that will appear to flutter from the ground up into the skies. Again this can only happen if innocent children are making snow angels and happen to be thinking about a deceased relative or friend.  When this occurs only kids seem to see the serene spirit.

Enjoy the loving light of the Yule Moon as we slide ever closer to Christmas!


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