Wayward Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning!

Pack Of Angry Rabid Werewolves On The Prowl!When it comes to Werewolves the Full Moon of January may be the most dangerous lunar light of the year! Plausibly second only to the Halloween Blood Moon. The metaphysical energies of this wayward Moon compel all Werewolves to draw together into vicious rabid packs. It even implores them to not only leave regular wolves alone but to welcome them into the new pack of malevolent monsters! A terrifying gang of animals hell bent on devouring just about every animal in sight. Particularly human beings! This unholy kinship is why the January Moon is almost exclusively known as the Wolf Moon. Normally Werewolves are thankfully loners. It’s rare to form organized packs. However paranormal packs are common among Native Americans. The first to make the Werewolf curse their own.  The few with the spiritual guidance to control their transformations, and remain at least somewhat self-aware while in the form of a hairy horror.

We seriously suggest you stay indoors during the next few nights when the Moon is at it’s brightest. If you must venture out be sure to steer clear of desolate rural areas, and wear bright reflective clothing. Even a flashlight can confuse them long enough for you to make an escape. If you make the smart decision to stay home you should adorn it with silver, and Wolfsbane since the Wolf Moon will cause a threefold urge to eat you! Also have silver implements, and holy water handy. Having blessed waters ready for action in a Super Soaker is probably the simplest thing anyone can do to protect themselves from the monstrous mayhem of the night!  Collect the wondrous waters down at your local church or bring a jug in for a Priest to bless. Holy artifacts in general will wield some level of repellent effect since Werewolves possess demonic DNA.  Stay safe, and pray to nature deities for protection throughout the duration of the Wolf Moon.

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The December Yule Super Moon Of Christmas Alert

Christmas Yule Moon MagicThe Yule Moon of December is the only Moon of the year that’s almost consistently claimed by the forces of light on Earth! A Full Moon whose metaphysical energies are dominated by the Spirit Of Christmas as directed by the Demi-Angel Santa Claus. Normally Moonlight has some level of unholy light filtered from the holy sunlight. However the Yule Moon is generally holy light. Yet not so holy it repels all manner of dark supernatural forces as the sun would. Instead it tends to have a positive peaceful effect on them. Thankfully this year the effect is even greater courtesy of the Supermoon.

December is the only month older Werewolves won’t transform into their ferocious furry forms. The younger ones who do transform will become white werewolves who are gentle as bunnies. Most vampires beyond fourth generation will lose their urge for blood while younger ones will become temporarily human for the period the Moon is at 100% of full. Certainly a treat for Vampire Slayers! Most zombie activity will be quelled during this time as well. In addition dark spirit activity will be at a minimum causing haunted houses to go quiet. In general a peaceful calm will be blanketed over most supernatural beings. However don’t let your guard down since there are still those with the quintessence of evil dwelling within their dark hearts.

Some interesting elements of enchantment with the Yule Moon include Snowmen coming to life when enough children believe in Frosty The Snowman. Frosty’s spirit is intertwined within the Christmas Spirit. On a somewhat related note Abominable Snowmen, aka Yeti, become docile creatures instead of the blood thirsty monsters of winter they usually are. Another unique enchantment of this holy Moon are the transformation of snow angels into holy spirits that will appear to flutter from the ground up into the skies. Again this can only happen if innocent children are making snow angels, and happen to be thinking about a deceased relative or friend.  When this occurs only kids seem to see the serene spirit.

The Holy Geminid Meteor Shower
The Yule Moon bathes the Geminid Meteor Shower in holy light thereby making it holy as well. These blessed shooting stars also the have the Spirit Of Christmas within them, and multiple meteors will have the potential to grant wishes! They may plausibly pass along mystical yuletide powers if their astral energy happens to touch your soul! If this happens you will suddenly instinctively know the location of North Pole City! Enjoy this magical time of year, and happy holidays!

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Cyber Monday Demon Warning

Cyber Monday MeltdownSo you skipped the shopping frenzy of Black Friday to avoid the dangers of being injured by hoards of human shoppers, zombies, vampires, and the Demon God Of Greed Mammon.  There’s also the potential for demon possession when it comes to those with weak minds.  Those suffering from the unfortunate mental condition of greed, a lust for material items, and malevolence in their hearts that makes them want to hurt others who get in the way of their shopping deals.  It seems sitting in the safety of your home, and shopping the dynamic deals of Cyber Monday on the internet is the way to go.  Sure it’s a lot safer but there are still risks as you furiously type away, and whip out your credit card.

These include the aforementioned demon possession for the weak minded overwhelmed by material lust.  There are indeed Cyber Demons within cyberspace.  Those dark spirits who can’t quite make it into our reality completely, and end up as paranormal binary data forms on the internet.  The Demon God Mammon has also been known to possess an internet server so he can make his way to potential victims IP Addresses.  These Demons don’t keep it old school, and are deep down with the in things to perpetuate their dark diabolical craft to the fullest!  Mammon, and some of the more powerful Cyber Demons get very angry if they can’t possess you.  Possession failure happens more often over the internet than directly in physical reality because demons are more weakened in a digital form.  However a burst of demonic rage over their internet inadequacy could equal at the least a bad software virus or at the most a major hardware meltdown as seen in the photo at the top of this page.

In the case of Mammon he will possess you, and then walk your body to his nefarious lair.
Then once he has all his victims in one location, the day after Cyber Monday, he will enter into a voracious feeding frenzy to fuel his immortal demonic powers for months to come. The victim will die unless an experience Demon Slayer, Witch, or Exorcist can get to them before Midnight Tuesday.  The paranormal community calls the day after Cyber Monday Terror Tuesday since that is where we deal with the horrifying Cyber Demonic aftermath! So far nobody has been able to locate Mammon’s temporary lair in time.  By the time supernatural investigators find the location, usually an abandoned warehouse, or cave, it’s too late.  He’s already moved on to a new location to set up his deadly shop of horrors.

Wifi connections are a demonic danger as well since the high frequency electromagnetic waves act as a conduit for higher dimensional cyber entities to enter your sub-conscious which is where possession of your mind begins.  The risk of demonic possession is particularly high while sleeping as your sub-conscious manages your greedy material possessed thoughts of the day.  Be sure to sleep far away from the wifi, or turn it off. Ethernet connections are best. Certainly use of mobile devices is a risk on this malevolent Monday!

Cyber-Monday is the number one day for dark Cyber-Entities to rear their blasphemous binary heads forth to plague people with their hellish horror! If you want to avoid the risks that range from computer issues to being eaten alive then be extra cautious on Cyber Monday.  Just think happy thoughts, and realize there’s plenty of trinkets for everyone on the internet.  You’ll get your shopping deal but even if you don’t it’s no big deal.  Don’t obsesses over material items, and keep a cool head along with a calm heart. If you see your computer starting to wig out then immediately shut it down, and leave the room because it could be a demon entering your domain!  Blessing the computer with holy water, or merely cleaning the screen off with it can help.  Using a Bible as a mouse pad is another moral measure of security as you surf the perilous virtual waves of Cyber Monday’s ocean of demonic shopping sharks! If all else fails try praying to the holy Cyber-God! Amen!

Cyber Monday Toy Deals!

Interesting Note: Cyber-Genies are usually far less nefarious than their real life Genie in a bottle counterpart. However it’s always best to exercise caution if you come across one!

Also Beware of Hackers and their diabolical Ransomware!

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Black Friday Warning

Black FridayThere are other dangers on Black Friday besides the shocking shopping frenzy that can incite fights, and possibly get you trampled by a crazy mob hell bent on saving big money for cheap crap. Ironically many of these so called doorbuster deals are full of bull!  A large concentration of humans in a state of chaos is the perfect place for practitioners of magic to perform various mystical experiments which might include direct experimentation on the crowd, or kidnapping a select few.  Those into the dark demon worshiping magic might sacrifice humans to their demons, or dark Gods of choice to perform their sacrilegious rituals amid the almost zombified crowds of insane shoppers. Indeed those enthralled with greed for material items become vulnerable to the metaphysical world!

Interestingly enough real zombies have also been known to wander into crowds, and feed amid the crazed chaotic atmosphere totally unnoticed by anyone until it’s too late.  Vampires also flock to stores in the dark early morning hours to enter into a deadly feeding frenzy all their own. Run of the mill serial killers, and those of a supernatural sort, can get in on the alarming action as well.  In addition those with weak minds who enter into a serious state of single minded material item acquisition, coupled with wanting to hurt anyone who stands in their way, opens themselves up to demon possession.

One of the few demons who resides in the flesh on Earth, due to posing as a god, is the demon god of greed Mammon who relishes in crowds full of lustful greed for all things material.  In order to maintain his god facade, his power, and avoid Angel detection he must consume horrifically greedy people on a regular basis. Amid Black Friday shoppers he has a field day harvesting humanity for his diabolical dinners.  Religious artifacts, such as holy water, or crosses, will do little if you are infested with the mental illness of pure greed, and hold ill will in your heart for anyone who stands between you, and your shopping spree.  Mammon may just take a bite of you right in the middle of the crowd, or hypnotize you into coming with him.  Although with some of the massive mobs he could probably drag you away kicking, and screaming within the crowded chaos without anyone noticing your titanic terror.

We’re not telling you to avoid Black Friday shopping, and stay at home. We’re just saying you need to keep a cool head, and calm heart as you dive into purchasing madness.  Don’t let the spirit of greed take your mind, and heart over otherwise you are at great risk for various supernatural reprisals, and of course human justice if you get too out of control! Unfortunately this won’t help with the zombies, vampires, and practitioners of magic looking to use people for their own nefarious purposes but there’s always a risk when you enter a sea of humanity at any venue on any given day.  Stay safe, and shop serenely this holiday season!

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