Black Friday Warning

Black FridayThere are other dangers on Black Friday besides the shocking shopping frenzy that can incite fights, and possibly get you trampled by a crazy mob hell bent on saving big money for cheap crap. Ironically many of these so called doorbuster deals are full of bull!  A large concentration of humans in a state of chaos is the perfect place for practitioners of magic to perform various mystical experiments which might include direct experimentation on the crowd, or kidnapping a select few.  Those into the dark demon worshiping magic might sacrifice humans to their demons, or dark Gods of choice to perform their sacrilegious rituals amid the almost zombified crowds of insane shoppers. Indeed those enthralled with greed for material items become vulnerable to the metaphysical world!

Interestingly enough real zombies have also been known to wander into crowds, and feed amid the crazed chaotic atmosphere totally unnoticed by anyone until it’s too late.  Vampires also flock to stores in the dark early morning hours to enter into a deadly feeding frenzy all their own. Run of the mill serial killers, and those of a supernatural sort, can get in on the alarming action as well.  In addition those with weak minds who enter into a serious state of single minded material item acquisition, coupled with wanting to hurt anyone who stands in their way, opens themselves up to demon possession.

One of the few demons who resides in the flesh on Earth, due to posing as a god, is the demon god of greed Mammon who relishes in crowds full of lustful greed for all things material.  In order to maintain his god facade, his power, and avoid Angel detection he must consume horrifically greedy people on a regular basis. Amid Black Friday shoppers he has a field day harvesting humanity for his diabolical dinners.  Religious artifacts, such as holy water, or crosses, will do little if you are infested with the mental illness of pure greed, and hold ill will in your heart for anyone who stands between you, and your shopping spree.  Mammon may just take a bite of you right in the middle of the crowd, or hypnotize you into coming with him.  Although with some of the massive mobs he could probably drag you away kicking, and screaming within the crowded chaos without anyone noticing your titanic terror.

We’re not telling you to avoid Black Friday shopping, and stay at home. We’re just saying you need to keep a cool head, and calm heart as you dive into purchasing madness.  Don’t let the spirit of greed take your mind, and heart over otherwise you are at great risk for various supernatural reprisals, and of course human justice if you get too out of control! Unfortunately this won’t help with the zombies, vampires, and practitioners of magic looking to use people for their own nefarious purposes but there’s always a risk when you enter a sea of humanity at any venue on any given day.  Stay safe, and shop serenely this holiday season!

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Gobbler Ghoul Watch

The odd paranormal being known as the Gobbler Ghoul first became known in 2011 when a remote turkey farm became ground zero for a new breed of ghouls.  A nefarious farmer severely mistreated his turkeys causing them to cannibalize their fellow turkey kind.  Cannibalization in humans leads to one becoming a ghoul. However in animals this usually doesn’t occur.  Despite this the surviving group of gobblers became a very disturbing breed of ghastly ghoul never seen before. The grisly Gobbler Ghoul was most likely created due to the farmer practicing black magic in an effort to increase the size of the turkeys for the purposes of petty profits.

As with all ghouls they only crave the dead flesh of their own species which means they really want your Thanksgiving turkey, and they’ll do anything to get it!  They destroyed the black magic farmer who stood in the way of their escape, and they’ll horrifically eradicate any person, or animal, that stands in the way of getting their sharp claws on your scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner.  In particular be sure to keep a close eye on your dogs, and cats as they may be the first target of this terrifying turkey of hell. Although members of the paranormal community fought to exterminate this macabre menace they are very speedy, strong, and elusive in nature.  One aspect of the dark magic is the fact that they only come out on Thanksgiving.  The rest of the year they hide away in a dormant state.  A good number were destroyed by supernatural hunters while the Gobbler Ghoul lie in this motionless state. Often found in dense bushes bordering farmlands.

The Gobbler Ghoul has a sinister demon like intelligence, glowing red eyes, razor sharp claws, and walks upright on it’s hind legs.  They make the classic “gobble gobble” sound except it’s more guttural, and echoing in nature.  The bellow of this blasphemous beast will definitely send a chill up your spine! They loathe sunlight so Thanksgiving evening is the most dangerous time but they still could crash through your window during the day to devour your turkey, and maim anyone at the table.  We recommend having a Priest bless your turkey as religious artifacts (holy water, crosses, etc) will work to repel the Ghoul to some extent due to the demonic aspect of the black magic which created them.  Unfortunately these methods are not guaranteed to work since their DNA isn’t actually demonic in nature.  Have an ax near the table so you can try to behead the beast.  That, and incineration in fire are the only sure ways to destroy this diabolical Thanksgiving threat. You could always shove it in a stove to cook for dinner. Unfortunately the meat tastes rather wretched! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Native American Ghost Spirit Watch

After famine, disease, and death nearly overwhelmed the European settlers, known as the Pilgrims, at Plymouth Rock Massachusetts, a happy Thanksgiving feast of a successful harvest was celebrated with local Native Americans in 1621.  This turn around in the Pilgrims fortunes was thanks to the Indians who shared their knowledge of how to cultivate corn, extract sap from maple trees, catch fish, and avoid poisonous plants.  Unfortunately this isolated goodwill between the Europeans, and the Indians was short lived as evidenced by the long bloody, and brutal history between our two peoples.

The atrocities were more widespread among the Native American people who suffered greatly as their ancestral home was ripped away along with the eradication of their way of life from the North American continent.  The millions of Indians dying horrid deaths along with the injustice wrought upon Native Americans as a whole creates a plethora of restless vengeful ghosts, and spirits out for justice!  There’s even reports of deadly Indian poltergeists afoot! Thanksgiving Day is a focal point for non-corporeal Native American rage because it represents a broken compact of trust, and friendship between Europeans, and Natives.

During the days before, and after Thanksgiving, including the day itself, it would be best to steer clear of any Indian burial grounds, battle grounds, or anywhere indigenous Americans were rumored to live or died in.  Unfortunately many of these places are lost to history, and your home, or business could in fact be at ground zero for the coming Indian ghost onslaught.  You’re in particular danger if you have any European blood coursing through your veins! If that’s the case then your best bet is to celebrate Thanksgiving in a manner respectful to the spirit of the holiday. Be sure to hang up decorations that display unity between Pilgrims, and Indigenous Americans.  And of course have a hearty festive feast chock full of the traditional dishes including the iconic turkey.  Most importantly be sure to give thanks to the Lord of your choice, and ask for protection against the rightfully vengeful Native American spirits. If faced with a vengeful ghost who pegs your ancestors as atrocity makers then plead for forgiveness, and make it clear you don’t condone their behaviour. Hopefully this will ward them off! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Winter Gods Gain Supremacy Over The Autumnal Lords

The United States has enjoyed one of the warmest, and longest Autumns for quite some time until the recent nearly instant influx of winter weather. Generally there is a peaceful transition between Autumn, and Winter deities long before the official end of Autumn on the December 21st Winter Solstice. However this year’s particular Autumn God faction holds deep loyalty to Shala, The Queen Of Halloween. Shala’s Halloween Island is known for its perpetual state of iridescent Autumn. The Fall Gods & Goddesses hatched a plan to extend true Autumn all the way until the Winter Solstice by purposely repelling all winter nature deities at all levels including Nymphs, and Fairies. Finally this week all out higher dimensional hell broke loose between Autumn, and Winter but thankfully Shala stepped in to bring peace, and her blessing of the inevitable Winter.  Now Mother Nature’s transition from Fall colors to Winter’s frost will finally begin after the Blizzard of supernatural battles! On a final note it was lucky that most of the Abominable Snowmen, aka Yeti, were rather far north due to the extended weather. This prevented them from entering the fray of the Autumn-Winter tussle.

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