Magical Leonid Meteor Showers Powers Alert

This last minute report is for right now this very Saturday morning.  The expected Leonid Meteor shower will have supernatural elements to it as many meteor showers do.  One meteor in particular will be sparkling gold with a glittering rainbow trail behind it.  Our psychic sources tell us this meteor is actually full of Jinn, aka free Genie, power.  It seems a Jinn tried to illegally enter this dimension but was promptly apprehended by Angelic forces under the command of our Holy Lord.  The Jinn was being escorted back to his dimension when he attempted to escape, and Angels had to use lethal force to stop him.  Once he was eradicated from existence his immense power sprung from him instantly, and shot into this dimension due to being attracted to the special life force of Earth.

This supernatural meteor, which is actually pure mystic energy, will be attracted to people once it enters Earth’s atmosphere.  It will hit one lucky person who will in essence become a very powerful Earthly God who will instantly be healed of all health issues including aging beyond their mid 20’s or so.  They will have nearly unlimited powers, and abilities merely by thinking about it just as a Genie can grant just about any wish.  Whoever absorbs this power must take great care not to expose themselves to the general public otherwise Angelic, and even Demonic forces may invoke, and enforce the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.  Your powers will then be stripped, or even worse you could be taken out of play here on Earth permanently.    Also be very cautious about what you think about because it will manifest itself into reality.  When wishing for world peace, or other huge things of a global nature remember that you will be transported to a similar Earth in a parallel Universe as dictated by Universal Law.  In addition be on alert from Demons, and other evil magical beings who will exploit, or even attempt to steal your power for nefarious purposes.

We suggest enjoying your new life as a God, or Goddess by exploring our reality to the fullest, and joining the fight against supernatural evil as well.  Don’t fall prey to delusions of grandeur, and the inevitable God complex that will fight to take over within you.  Please treat your immortality, near invincibility, and magical powers with respect, and honor the world you came from.  Thank you in advance for your future good handy works, and please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Mystic Investigations for any guidance you might need once acquiring your awesome gift from the Heavens above!

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