October Gnome Alert!

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Since the beginning of September we’ve seen increased Gnome activity.  Mostly in or near the Mystical Forest.  If you have small children we advise you keep them indoors or under close supervision as Gnomes eat small children and babies.  Usually ones under 5.  Be primarily weary of shady areas or cloudy days as they don’t like direct sunlight and lurk in the shadows our of fear since they’re only about  2 1/2 feet tall at most.

They’re easily spotted by the iconic red pointy hat they wear and their screechy laugh.  This increase has steadily continued despite the fact that they usually hide away as Halloween approaches due to more scarier creatures surfacing for the holiday.  Gnomes cannot enter your house and will bite if cornered.  If you spot a Gnome don’t try to engage it but rather call us here at Mystic Investigations.  If one is near your child simply scream loudly and clap your hands.  It will be scared away instantly. 

One simple preventative measure you can take is to display Lawn Gnome statues in your yard.  Gnomes are solitary creatures and loathe others of their own kind.  Seeing a lawn Gnome is like a crow seeing a Scarecrow.  You can know if a Gnome is hiding nearby if you smell a minty smoke.  They enjoy smoking a mystical variety of mint clover which they grow in the forest along with the toadstools they eat on a regular basis.

We’re also seeing the usual Halloween increase in werewolves, poltergeists, and zombies.  Vampire activity is at a minimum.  No evidence of any evil witchcraft afoot.

This Was Our First Paranormal Activity Forecast!

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