Emergency Zombie Alert!

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A major rising of the dead is now in progress.  In fact it’s even bigger than the one that occurred on Halloween.  So big in fact that the local and County government has gotten involved for the first time in recent history.  We urge you to stay at home with your doors and windows securely locked until further notice.  If you are already out or must go out we urge you to go home immediately or exercise extreme caution.  If you see a zombie run or drive away as fast as you can and dial 911 once you’re in a safe location.  It is highly advisable that you stay away from cemeteries and if you live within two miles of one it would be best to dial 911 and have the authorities transport you to a secure location.  If you have been bitten by a member of the living dead then please head to the nearest emergency room or Woodland Springs/Comanche County Emergency Management Quarantine area ASAP!

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