Is Clinical Depression A Disease Created By Civilization?

Robin WilliamsWhat causes people like Robin Williams to commit suicide?  How can someone at the apex of society be battling depression when they seemingly have nothing to be depressed about.  Clearly there are countless people on Earth leading hellish lives yet they never end it, and trudge forth to the very end.  Is clinical depression, and the so called chemical imbalances in the brain, a product of our modern society? Aboriginal people living in tune with nature don’t suffer from this.  Dr. Stephen Ilardi discusses how to cure clinical depression without toxic chemical prescription drugs.

Can Exercise Help Depression?

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I've always had a personal interest in health along with being disturbed by the injustices of mainstream medicine that attacks every disease with toxic chemicals or unnecessary surgery. I've found that healthy diet, exercise, natural medicine, and common sense are the keys to survival when navigating the health hazards of this world.

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