Retirement Shouldn’t Mean A Vacation Until Death

Geriatric Walker ManWork that provides mental activity, a proper diet, and exercise to provide physical activity, if ones occupation doesn’t have it, are essential to aging well, and preventing geriatric health issues later in life.  For many the rapid decline toward death begins when they retire.  Clearly our cave men ancestors never retired, and worked to survive until their very end.  The same goes for modern day Aboriginals as well.  In our civilized society people are told to mindlessly retire at 65, and enjoy their well deserved vacation that could last 20 years or more.  A number of people just sit around decaying as they don’t know what to do with their so called golden years.

Those who only had their job to provide mental and/or physical stimulation are the ones who have the most remarkable decline in health.  Matters become worse emotionally when their work place was their central social venue.  People should work until they truly feel they can’t anymore.  Some people act like old people working is some kind of punishment but in the end it will be better than rotting at home. At least reduce to part time before retiring, or find something productive to do in your retirement. Even if it means becoming passionate about a hobby.  Long term vacation, and unemployment are readily linked to degradation of health.  Taking the active path vs the passive retirement path will increase your chances of avoiding the dreaded nursing home!

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