Is Alzheimer’s Caused By A Cholesterol Deficiency?

Our bodies, and brains include Cholesterol as apart of our normal biological structure.  Especially our brains!  This could be the culprit in Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dementia in many cases. So following the standard doctor’s advice to eliminate Cholesterol from your diet in essence causes a dangerous deficiency since the human body can only create so much on it’s own. Cholesterol itself is not unhealthy! It’s merely a component the body uses to repair damage to things such as arteries. It’s akin to blaming your bandage for your cut!

Xavier Remington
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I've always had a personal interest in health along with being disturbed by the injustices of mainstream medicine that attacks every disease with toxic chemicals or unnecessary surgery. I've found that healthy diet, exercise, natural medicine, and common sense are the keys to survival when navigating the health hazards of this world.