Non-Corporeal Entities Of Evil Warning

Poltergeist WomanThe unseen energies of the current active solar cycle have yielded high levels of X-Rays, and Geomagnetic Storms in the atmosphere which in turn are powering up various non-corporeal entities.  These entities might range from benign ghosts to violent poltergeists.  In rare cases you may see demons, and other beings of the fifth dimension, and beyond manifest in menacing ways.  Due to the Jupiter Triangle Of Death we may see various Gods, and Goddesses appear as well.  Those who have little to no worship, and never manifested in a physical form ended up being banished to the dark place between life, and death.  The massive energies being bombarded upon the Earth will awaken many once dark dormant beings so take special care to avoid places where the dead lie, or where death has occurred.  Especially cemeteries, mortuaries, and morgues.  Naturally it’s a no brainer to avoid your local haunted house during these dangerous times!

The manifestation of these other dimensional beings can be in a harmless audio visual form that may also include noxious odors, and localized temperature changes usually on the chilly side.  On the dangerous side of the spectrum we will see the use of telekinetic powers launching objects at you along with possible possessions of the demonic kind.  Disgusting gooey ectoplasm may splatter about as well. In rare cases some metaphysical beings will be able to obtain corporeal form.  If you come in contact with unknown entities then contact your local paranormal professionals , or ghost hunters immediately.  If you find your house haunted then leave the premises immediately!  Do not attempt to confront a ghost or poltergeist on your own!  You do so at your own risk!

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