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Spring brings the return of the Bigfoot aka Sasquatch from it’s winter migration to the mid to southern United States.  Although it has a thick coat of fur, the Sasquatch doesn’t like the extreme cold and snow of winters in the upper most parts of the US and all of Canada unlike it’s cousin the white furred Yeti aka Abominable Snowman.  Bigfoot are generally docile creatures although they can get aggressive when cornered or whenever they feel in danger.  If you spot a  Sasquatch please exercise caution and stay away from them.  If they spot you stay still and avoid eye contact until they leave the area.  You will most likely only see Bigfoot in deep forested areas which is their natural habitat.  So be aware of their potential presence if you plan on going camping or hiking in the spring and summer months.  To learn more about the Sasquatch please refer to this web page:

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