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Adonia The Amazon

Adonia is an Amazon Warrior Woman sent out on a mission for the lovely women of Amazonia.  When every Amazon woman comes of a certain age they are sent out on missions into the world to see the chaos men have created, help out women along the way, and partake of actual secret missions.  This includes spying on the human world, investigating, and neutralizing threats to Amazonia along with women in general.  When women such as Adonia go out into the world outside the peace and tranquility of Amazonia they are the closest thing to a real life Wonder Woman.  However none wear a costume, and instead try to blend in with the general populace.  While on their missions they must also make decide if they'd rather live in the human world.  This rarely happens but when it does they lose their powers, and all memory of being an Amazon.  In addition at some point in their lives Amazons go on a second special mission to find a specially chosen man to father the one child they're required to birth in their lives.  A child that is always born a girl by the grace of the Goddesses.

Adonia is a die hard Amazon who is naturally mistrusting of men, and will fight fiercely to defend any woman in need.  She is a good friend of Mystic Investigations Demi-Mermaid Rebecca Abernathy, and has helped us out in the past.




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