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Time Traveler Fact File : Parallel Universe : Libertaria: The Freest Nation On Earth

Republic Of Libertaria

Island Nation Republic Of Libertaria Flag
Libertaria National Flag

Pacific Island Nation

This nation was discovered on a temporal journey by Time Traveler Michael Remington.  He changed history to such a degree that he ended up in a parallel Universe that was similar to our but with changes such as Libertaria.  Ultimately he arrived home again since he knew the frequency modulation of his Universe of origin.

  • Political System: Constitutional Republic (Constitution Strictly Enforced)

  • Economic System: Free Market Capitalism (Strictly Enforced - No Corporatism Allowed)

  • Currency: Libertaria Dollars: $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 (Each bill features on of the 7 founding fathers on one face and a depiction of each of the 7 states on the reverse side.  Libertaria Coins: Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Halfer(50 cents) [No Pennies].  Currency issued by the each of the 7 state treasuries.  All currency backed by gold and silver in each treasury.  No private banks allowed in government to dictate any monetary policy nor issue currency.  In other words no Federal Reserve type entity.

  • Location: North Pacific, Latitude = 40.245992 Longitude =171.606445 (40.245992,-171.606445).  Lies approximately halfway between Aleutian Islands, Alaska and Midway Islands.

  • Climate: Summer Average Temperature: 68F  High 78F.  Winter Average Temperature: 48F  Low 38F.  Autumn Colors Peak: Late November.  Colors often remain until mid December.  Winter: Snowfall rare.   Spring:  Leaves begin growing back in early March.

  • History: Founded In 2000 by 7 Founding Father (1 Founding Mother) Billionaires fed up with the police states of the world including the United States.  Tired of the New World Order Illuminati they formed their own Anti-Illuminati along with their own nation.  They bought the North Pacific Island from Russia for 7.8 Billion dollars.  Each chipped in approximately 2 billion each.  1 billion toward the purchase price of the land and 1 billion each toward building the initial infrastructure.  Each one in turn founded a state in which they built their home:

The 7 States Of Libertaria

  1. Libertaria

  2. New America

  3. Democratica

  4. Eden

  5. Freedomia

  6. Remington 

  7. New Washington

  • Government: No political parties are allowed in government but the National & State Constitutions outlines a Libertarian Localism style of government where the sovereign municipalities and counties have the most power.  In reality the sovereign citizens are the most powerful force in government.  All levels of government are sovereign states with their own constitutions.  Citizens can even form their own sovereign neighborhood governments complete with Constitutions.  The biggest governments are at the city and county level while the states and the national & state governments handle a small limited amount of duties and citizens rarely interact with them.

4 branches of government

  1. The Citizenship - Enforces the Constitution and insures the government obeys it.  Citizens watch dog branch of government.
  2. Legislative - Makes The Laws within the guidelines of the Constitution.
  3. Judicial - Interprets The Laws passed by the Legislature.
  4. Executive - Executes & Enforces The Laws passed by the Legislature.
  • Armed Forces:  Libertaria does not allow for a sitting army.  However there is a modest Navy to patrol the shores, aka borders, of the island nation.  If an army is needed then it's culled from local militias.  The military power is no match for many of the nations on Earth that would work to take away the freedoms of Libertaria.  Luckily some of the founders were friends with Vladimir Putin so they worked out a deal for Russia to provide military protection when needed in exchange for duty free import of Russian goods.  Putin also provided Libertaria with 7 nuclear missiles for an undisclosed amount of money.   These missiles can only be launched if a confirmed attack against Libertaria, or Russia is underway.  All 7 State governments of Libertaria must agree to launch.  The Federal government has no control over the nukes.  In addition Putin must be informed of any nuclear use.  He can also request that the nukes be launched on his behalf if Russia is attacked.  The nuclear determent, and the backing of the Russian military insure that Libertaria will remain free of globalist corporatist influences that wish to chain humanity into tyranny for all eternity.

  • Property Rights: Property is 100% owned by an individual once paid off and no longer liable for property taxes.  A persons land is near the equivalent of a sovereign state.  There is no eminent domain so roadways, railroads, pipelines, etc. must be diverted to avoid private property if land owner does not agree to an easement.  Most land is owned by sovereign citizens, private businesses, community government, and county government in order of amount owned from greatest to least.  The states and national government only own their respective capitol cities.

  • Marriage Rights: The government has no role in marriages at any level because it's solely a religious institution.  There are no civil unions.  Anyone can be married by their church.

  • Education Rights: Initial education system, and curriculum put into place to insure an intelligent well informed public to maintain the freedom of the people.  Parents may home school, or form neighborhood schools.  Highest level K-12 is for a county to form their own school.  All schools are independent, and owned by the parents, and not the government.  Parents (Based On Percentage Of Income, And Number Of Kids), and fund raisers fund the schools.  Basic curriculum set in Constitution. Especially how to tell if the government is lying, and what a citizens rights are.  Parents may add to it so as long as there is no anti-constitutional treasonous education.  Parents of a State can form a college together.

  • Healthcare Rights: Prices are kept low for healthcare, and insurance by real private competition along with charity hospitals.

  • Public Utilities: A great many public utilities are actually private companies with monopolies in other nations. However in Libertaria there is competition to keep prices down.  You aren't damned to one company for power, cable, telephone, water, etc.

There are no national government laws that apply to individuals although their rights are guaranteed in the Constitution.  The central government only deals with the states and foreign nations.  Therefore there is no national police or FBI of any type.  However there is a limited military for national defense.

There are no state laws that apply to individuals although their rights are guaranteed in their state Constitutions.  The state governments only deal with the county governments and the federal government.  There is no state police although there is a state militia.

Only city and county laws apply to individuals therefore there are County Sheriffs and Local Police.  There is also the volunteer citizen police force whose main mission is to police the police and the government in general.  Neighborhood governments may also form their own police forces. They are the only force allowed to patrol the streets.  All other police must stay at the station until called unless they are investigating a specific crime.  Absolutely no checkpoints for any reason!  No revenue generation laws without a victim such as speeding, drugs, which are legal, and the mindless requirement to have licenses, or permits for everything.  All citizens also have the right to bear arms to protect themselves and their land.  This includes most firearms up to fully automatic which anyone can buy without a permit.  At the end of the day it's not non-sentient objects that hurt people it's moronic, and evil people who hurt others!

Free Speech is quite extensive and tasteful full nude sexuality can appear on the broadcast airwaves late at night.  Swear words are quite common as well.  There is no FCC and everything is self-regulated based on the wishes of the majority of home viewers via TV voting boxes everyone has.  Smart boxes are provided free of charge for parents in order to insure children don't see anything inappropriate.

There are also no nudity laws which means anyone can be naked anywhere unless banned by property owners.  Individual cities can also regulate.  However going topless for both genders is a guaranteed national Constitutional right.  So all public beaches are topless.

Income taxes are considered slavery and therefore banned at all levels of government.   Property taxes only exist for those who have yet to pay off their property.

Immigration is only allowed through application and you must have a job lined up before arriving or have a viable plan and backing for a business.  Ads around the world and the internet were placed to appeal to those who wanted to live in a true Constitutional Republic and live as free adults respected by the government who is their servant.  People from all walks of life, income level, creeds, religions, and colors have made the island their home free of any government manufactured conflicts.  Conflicts witnessed in other nations for the purposes of Divide & Conquer!  Libertaria is virtually the most peaceful, crime, and poverty free nation on Earth courtesy of a little something called Common Sense!!!!!!

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