Why Don’t My Nutritional Supplements Have An Expiration Date?

Crazy FDA ArmyWhether it’s vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutritional supplements you may have noticed some of them no longer have an expiration date but rather a manufactured date. So whose responsible for us having to guess if our supplements have expired, or not?  You guessed it.  The usual culprit interfering in affairs it has no Constitutional business meddling in.  The Federal Government!  The FDA, notorious for being staffed by former prescription drug company, and Monsanto employees, created the wonderful Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulation to protect us.  Protections that include sending SWAT teams to places selling raw milk, and other organic foods. Thank God they’re here to protect us from ourselves! Realistically there is no difference between a regulation, and a law so once again we have a government agency illegally creating law since only Congress is allowed to that!

Basically this unnecessary regulation says if manufacturers of nutritional supplements
want to put an expiration date on their bottles then they have to do special testing, and provide data to prove that date is for real.  That costs money, and apparently the FDA is being purposely vague about what data they would accept.  So we’re left with just a manufacturing date, and some assurance that our product will be good for at least two years. I’m not sure how putting vitamin manufacturers in a position to either raise their prices, or get rid of the expiration date protects us but it’s surely a load of BS!  Just another attack on those trying to lead a healthy natural lifestyle rather than intake the toxic chemicals forced upon us by the mainstream food, and medical establishments.  The ultimate end game is to eventually regulate all nutritional supplements in the same way prescription drugs are so the prices can be jacked up thereby ending the lower classes ability to enjoy decent health.  It wouldn’t surprise us if forcing an end to expiration dates might be a set up of sorts.  People get sick from taking old supplements, and then the caring Federal regime flies in to regulate, and save the day!  We wish these bureaucratic control freaks would just go away, and let us lead our lives as we see fit.

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