Author Topic: Student's Who Get In Trouble For Defending Themselves And Fellow Students  (Read 7180 times)

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Every so often there's a report in the media such as the student suspended for disarming a gun wielding student on a school bus, or most recently a Canadian student reprimanded for protecting another student from a knife wielding bully.  I must say this behavior by school officials, police, and government in general does nothing but raise a general of wimps while further empowering bullies, and raising future criminals.  This mentality of running to get an authority figure, or call the police when there's trouble totally in lieu of doing something about an immediate life, and death situation is ridiculous!  At the end of the day most students, and parents, except for those who raised pathetic bullies, agree that the world needs more heroes who can exact justice on the spot to save lives.

You can either sit by, and make a call while someone gets hurt, or you can step in, and kick ass the Zack Powers way!  Ever since I became proactive at my school a few years ago I've seen a major reduction in bullying.  Bullies know not to mess with me, or anyone else for that matter when I'm around as I'm the ultimate Anti-Bully.  The Principal applauds my good judgment as I've cleaned up the hallways of scum, and perhaps stopped future hardcore criminals from thinking it's easy to jack up anyone they please.  Although once a sissy bully had his parents call the police on me but the Principal, and my friends at Mystic Investigations vouched for me along with the County Sheriff Blake Maverick who believes in old fashioned justice rather than modern liberal passive behavior.

Now of course I do have bionic enhancements, and I was a rather helpless wimp before that.  I had always been too afraid to step in but now I will take on anyone including men three times as big as me along with a plethora of paranormal entities including vampires, werewolves, and those more powerful than I.  You only need to believe in yourself, and perhaps lift some weights, or learn karate.  If you can get into a tragic accident and run into a mad scientist, or secret government project that outfits you with bionic parts then that's even better.

I'm Zack Powers, and I approve this message.

Zack Powers For Student Counsel President Fall 2013!

Yes I've recently acquired aspirations to enter politics.  I'd like to Mayor of Woodland Springs someday, and then gradually work my way up to President Of These Here United States!


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You know most bullies are cowards which is why they pick on those that don't fight back. I never really fought back when I was bullied, mostly because I was scared of what I might do if I did. One day I had had enough when someone knocked my books out of my hand and I slammed him up against the wall. I can tell you that it really surprised him and I didn't have a problem with being bullied after that.

As to you being president you may not have that option since that position may not exist by the time you could run.

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