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Theorize A New Form Of Government
« on: December 15, 2012, 05:00:42 PM »
A government that could be kept from the hands of corporatists, and plutocrats so that the people can be free.

I was thinking that realistically the 3 branches of checks, and balances are a joke.  All three work in unison anyway. Also why should one guy, aka the President, have all the power of one branch?  Power used to even take away the weak Congress's power.  There were some Founding Father's who knew a President could become a King, and they never wanted one.  Why should only 9 have the power of the judicial branch?  Nine who aren't even elected by the people, or appointed by a State Legislature.  They're chosen by one guy, and approved by a Congressional committee for a lifetime term.  Ultimately only the people should have power, and the government should be our faithful servant.

I say combine the three branches into Congress.  Repeal the 17th amendment so Senator become beholden to the State Legislatures again.  Have a new house which would be a supreme court of sorts.  It would be composed of 50 judges who would make sure bills are Constitutional before they're passed.  All the Federal agencies, and departments would be under Congressional rule.  The President would be replaced with a national ambassador who would be nothing more than a spokesperson for the country.  There would be no insider trading allowed. one year terms limits, and the person would have the right to return to their real job because there should be no such thing as a career politician.  There would be no political parties allowed in government.  No corporations, and or banks allowed in government.  All elections would be done by paper ballot to prevent fraud.   Only government money would pay for elections so no donations allowed.  Candidates would be chosen from a random volunteer pool so just about any average person could get elected to office.  No more corporatist cronies.  These general ideas would extend to all levels of government down to the community level.  No more of this one guy power trip crap!  Single, or small groups of judges would not have power.  Governors, County Executives, and Mayors would not have power!

In addition a citizens level of government would exist above the main government at each level.  A group of citizens randomly chosen from a volunteer pool would be government watch dogs as another check, and balance.  They would be the police of the government in essence ready to arrest anyone who violates the Constitution, and engages in corruption.

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Theorize A New Form Of Government
« on: December 15, 2012, 05:00:42 PM »


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