The Flowers Of Love Spells

Rose HeartThe desire for love runs pretty strong in people. Through the ages, people have often turned to magic to find and keep a lover. Some spells for love can be quite elaborate, involving candles of a certain color, special incenses, and the appropriate moon phase, while others require only a handful of flower petals and a clear intent.
There are literally dozens of flowers and herbs that can be used in love spells, and I’ll be featuring four of them in this post. These are also edible, so I’ve included some information about that as well.
It is generally considered unethical to perform a love spell with a certain person in mind, as this interferes with their free will. Keep your focus on finding the person who is right for you, rather than someone you’re attracted to.  Read The Rest Of This Article By C. L. Hernandez At The Weird World Of C. L. Hernandez…

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