Do Half Zombie Human Hybrids Exist?

Zombie GirlYes Demi-Zombies, aka Human-Zombie Hybrids, do exist.  There are a handful of anecdotes found in ancient scrolls apart of the private collections of secret societies.  However the only known living case, and verified Demi-Zombie is our resident Cryptozoologist Dr. Ashley Abercrombie.  It seems that a half zombie will form if a father who just acquired the zombie virus impregnates a human mother at just the right moment in the progression of their zombified disease.  Then somehow a human looking hybrid is born drawing upon many of the positive aspects of the rotting living dead zombie DNA.   If not for the properties of a rotting corpse a zombie could potentially be a powerful immortal being minus the mindless instinctual rampage for human flesh.  In the case of our Ashley she is extremely intelligent, and has minimal cannibalistic cravings which she has quelled through mystical hypnosis sessions.  Her limited predecessors mentioned in ancient documents tended to be far less intelligent, and rather unpredictable.  At least two were used as vicious personal enforcers by various ruthless royal families.  Ashley also has enhanced physical abilities, including strength, speed, and agility, along with being able to stop her heart beat, and lung functions for extended periods of time to simulate death.  She has also been seemingly killed, and always self-resurrects zombie style.  Unfortunately her one weakness seems to be below average healing of wounds.  So despite surviving gun shots she would be faced with horrific wounds for months.  Thankfully that healing is accelerated through the powers of magic provided by our resident white witch Rebecca Abernathy along with Ashley’s various paranormal cryptozoological medicines.  Ashley also appears to age normally but we believe she may live well into her hundreds, and will not die in a traditional manner.  She theorizes that her body will instead begin to rot at some point until there is nothing left of her.

The supernatural zombie virus is within Ashley’s DNA yet it’s some how kept in balance by her human side, and does not progress into full blown zombification.  This means there is hope in the creation of a vaccine for all forms of the zombie virus within her blood which she is constantly studying.  Although various laboratory attempts by private, and governmental organizations to create a human zombie hybrid have thus far failed along with any reliable vaccine.  Naturally various forces of evil who utilize zombies as their makers of mayhem don’t want to see a zombie virus vaccine, or any cure for the flesh eating living dead virus.  Let us hope the accidental creation of the first known zombie in 4129 BC, and the subsequent thousands of infected killers, and their victims can someday be a hellish history that can be forgotten forever!  No longer will the specter of a zombie apocalypse hang over our heads with the potential to destroy humanity all over the Earth!

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6 thoughts on “Do Half Zombie Human Hybrids Exist?

    • Ancient records mentioning others of my kind indicate they ate human flesh as a means to prevent aging, heal faster, and increase their strength. However it fuels further violent cannibalistic urges, and lowers intelligence along with human emotion. I simply refuse to do that because the negatives far outweigh the benefits for me personally.

  1. Can’t Ashley use “mind over matter” to fully control her zombie virus? Since she’s immortal by default, she only need to counter the aging-process and healing factor…

    • Unfortunately I don’t have such amazing mind over matter abilities. Rebecca Abernathy’s magic aids in healing when I need it. I’m confident the aging process will be managed through magic, and/or technology. We’ve had a few powerful psychics, including our own Julia Hathaway, getting visions of our entire team existing at least 1000 years from now traveling about the galaxies fighting supernatural crime!

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