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PS: We can’t answer questions about what you are, and what your dreams mean. Also no weird birthmark. body deformation, etc questions!  It doesn’t mean anything! See a Doctor! Thank You.

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  1. Free Manifestation Reading!
    • Hi, I was wondering if you could please tell me how I might apply to the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences? I live in Australia.

      • Unfortunately they’re membership is very exclusive since it’s the top magic school on Earth. So exclusive that nobody can actually apply but rather they hand pick potential students. I got a letter magically delivered informing me of my acceptance. Naturally nobody is going to turn them down so I attended despite it never crossing my mind.

    • How do I start an investigation ?
      How or who do I give the information
      to? Do you give me a private email
      address? Is this confidential?

      • Do you have something to investigate? Post the information on here. Ah no you can use your own email. No why would it need to be confidential? Registering for our site is for the sole purpose of commenting, and asking questions. We require it due to the scourge of mindless registration spammers. Every page also has Facebook comments that allow for a person to comment without registration. I think you may have been confused by the “Join Us” page. It was a metaphorical “Join Us” as in follow our website such as you would follow a Facebook page or Twitter account.

        • So the information I give you is viewable to
          all who register? I dont know where to start.
          I am involved in the whole last days scenario
          Lets start with villains. The posting of your
          “This man ” billboard I have seen in, Clinton,
          What is the email address of someone
          to start the process? I have learned to keep
          my mouth shut from people who have no awareness. Dont want to make a mistep.

          • How can I re-register so my name
            does not appear on your forum?
            Also it would be easier for me to fax
            you some information. Do you have
            a fax number?


  2. I believe i might be a werewolf. Some of my friends have even said i resemble a wolf. Is there any chance I’d be able to control it?? I really don’t want getting shot to be the end for me. Any advice??

    • It’s true that most people don’t have any idea that they’re a Werewolf until the evidence begins to build. You may indeed transform, and have no memory of it ever happening. I’d suggest locking yourself in a cage, or restraining yourself in steel shackles with a video camera trained on you so you can see if you transform into a Werewolf on full moon nights. Over time some people have learned to control their Werewolf transformations through meditation and even hypnosis. They can prevent full moon transformations, transform without a full moon, and even be humanly conscious while in Werewolf form.

  3. so this would mean a smaller chance of hurting those i love, right?? by the way, would a friend & i be able to join the Mystic Investigations team, he’s a hybrid of a few supernatural creatures, & all we know about me is i have enhanced senses, strength, speed, & can take a major hit with little to no damage, so possible werewolf

    • It could be. Werewolves are muscular in human form along with having above average strength, and speed. If you have that going on along with blacking out on full moon nights then you may indeed be a vampire.

  4. is there such a thing as a werecat?? if so, what do they look like?? i mean, do they look like one specific type of feline, or can they be various in type??

    • We’re still researching your question about Werecats however they do in fact exist, and originate in multiple cultures around the world. We’ll be posting a main article about the various types of Werecats very soon.

    • Yes, There are indeed were for appearance they are often smaller in stature than werewolves. although they are not quite as strong as werewolves they are still strong enough to throw cars and larger objects do not underestimate them.they are also leaner and tend to rely on stealth and agility more when hunting often quickly dispatching their victims without a sound. Though they are quite rare…

    • Insomnia is common among those cursed with Lycanthropy. Those used to a diurnal lifestyle find themselves wanting to stay awake at night. Fortunately it’s not bad enough for them to change their life around. However on the nights of the full moon when they transform into Werewolves they are awake all night rampaging about the dark shadows of the lunar light. When they return to human form in the morning they are usually dead tired, and will call in sick to work or school. In fact this is one way to identify Werewolves. Those who repeatedly call in sick on full moons are to be suspected.

    • yes…there are a few subspecies of werewolves just as there are subspecies of regular wolves example: Grey Wolf, Timber wolf, etc.. though it is difficult to document in werewolves….

  5. what would you say if i told you that a vampire/werewolf kingdom was being started in ireland, i know you guys are in europe thanks to your use of that specific timezone, so what would u do??

  6. newer generations tend to share a bond, my brother is a vampire/werewolf hybrid, his wife is a vampire, i’m a werewolf, my fiance is a vampire, our special forces guy is a vampire, but we’re starting up a kingdom that was almost completely annihilated by vampire hunters, king had no heir so he chose my brother just before he died from war, & i’m the heir for now at least, i don’t remember the kings name, but it wasn’t Dagan. werewolves r gonna play a pretty big role this time around though. we r a younger generation, we don’t let species turn us against each other.

  7. HI I an new and interested but before I plunge into the forum/blog I would really like to know how you know what you write and say are true, and can you prove any of it to me


    • The world of the paranormal cannot be proved in an indirect manner. It must be lived directly as we do when battling the forces of evil. Due to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Of 33 AD we can only relay our knowledge through words which must be believed upon faith. We would face Angelic repercussions submitting video or other strong evidence to the world.

  8. i dont really know how to prove it, but i mean, none of us are even legal age according to our legal documents. we are young, but we are strong. wolves arent considered slaves, we are considered great warriors


  9. Exactly. I don’t think the majority of people should know the truth. Since they live in there safe bubble. I wish I could meet a royal Vampire. I have many questions. I believe we all can live in peace. Only if we want it bad enough.

    • You wouldn’t want to meet a royal vampire. At least not in the upper echelon. They are the quintessence of evil, and they worships the demonic forces of the Underworld.

  10. I see. I was hoping they were more of an Intellectual being. That can be reasoned with? Since I am here, I do have another question for you Admin. Would it be possible for a Manicore to co-exist here on Earth in human form? They would change on the New Moon. Also the Manicore can’t be defeated by werewolves. They have spines or Armour around there body. When the werewolves attacked it. They were badly hurt and killed. When it roared it was as if a sonic whom echoed and the wolves perished.

    I ask. Because someone close to me told me there experience when they so called. Wolfed out. He told me he had Armour and when he Roared something powerful happened.He also told me that he had a tail that stung. So I am wondering.- What if there are Manicore hybrid Vampires? I know this is a bizarre question. But that is what came to mind. Perhaps a new family of them are here to protect the innocent humans. Only explanation I have for the Armour and tail. It’s not like there’s a mirror.

    All I know is.. The werewolves can’t defeat it. Also the change happens on the New Moon. Like tonight. Don’t be alarmed because if it is so. This Manicore breed is good. They mean no Vampire harm. They are the one’s who run away and get attacked and swarmed like bee’s. Only fight in defense. Also protect the innocent people. What are your thoughts on this Admin?

    • In general vampires are stronger than Werewolves due to the closer relation to demons within the vampires bloodline. There’s also the fact that Werewolves aren’t immortal while vampires amass more strength over time. However the most powerful variety of Werewolves, the Lycans, are generally equal in strength to the average vampire.

    • Well clearly they’re demonic if they have no whites in their eyes, and it’s all pitch black. They, and other supernatural beings have a variety of glowing eye colors as well. However they hide it most of the time so as not to give away who they are.

  11. great, so now i have to save my ex from a demonic vamp/wolf hybrid. by the way, is there such a thing as imprinting?? u know, like loving someone forever, ’cause if there is i’m imprinting on her like crazy

  12. Hey Drake, do vamps tend to stay centered around the ways of the time period when they were actually living humans, or do they advance as technology does??

    • They do tend to stick to their old ways in certain areas but adapt quickly in others to blend in, and hone in on their prey of blood. As far as technology if it’s not necessary to meet their goals they’ll usually lag behind. I only started using the internet recently because Mystic Investigations put up a website.

      I also think of my home time period as the 1270’s and 1280’s since those are the decades I grew up in.

    • I assume you mean the actual destruction of Earth by an asteroid, alien or man made weapons, or the sun ultimately turning into a red giant engulfing the entire planet in five billion years. Actually one billion years from now the oceans will boil away. 600-800 billion years from now the sun will be so hot that photosynthesis can no longer take place. We’ll need the technology to get a new planet or alter the orbit of Earth in about 500 million years at the latest.

      However by then humans will have probably settled other planets with life or places they terraformed. It’s safe to assume that the various supernatural beings of Earth would follow. They would travel to new worlds on human star ships, or via magical portholes. There’s surely other planets with alien beings like ourself, and on that planet they have supernatural beings as well. Perhaps our supernatural beings will engage in battle with their paranormal entities in a battle to dominate the new world at the same time humans are warring with the aliens.

  13. Hey Zack, how do you tone down your abilities, i mean im just a bit older than you, but im a werewolf who needs to tone it down a lil, any advice that’ll help??

    • First I was a wimp who could barely lift the weight bar without weights in gym class. Then I was a quadriplegic with no hope of a life. Then a mad scientist gave me four bionic limbs that he wanted me to use for nefarious purposes so his emphasis was on using the full force of my biomechanical power. Unfortunately I have no computerized brain interface. I use my limbs just as I would my real ones. I will them to move without a second thought just as anyone else would their arms, and legs. It took me six months before I had careful control mastered so as not to hurt anyone or break things thereby drawing attention to myself. Although I still slip up if I loose control of my emotions. You need to be in complete control of your emotions even if you’re angry. There’s a difference between uncontrollable anger, and a controlled anger that channels your power when it’s needed. When not in anger mode you basically need to pretend that everything is made of Styrofoam, and balsa wood. Especially people. A simple hand shake can turn into a hand full of crushed bones real quick without even thinking. You hear that crunching sound, and it’s like “oh crap!”

  14. yeah, i know that feeling, it scared me senseless knowing that it was physically possible for me to do that, so yeah, werewolves(lycans to be more specific) can relate to that quite well

    • We haven’t heard from him in a long time, and our efforts to use magical time travel have failed to find him. However our psychic tells us he is doing okay. She’s getting his vibes five dimensionally which means he’s in a distant parallel Universe. Since there’s near infinite parallel Universes it’s nearly impossible to locate him. I’m confident he will find his way home someday.

  15. Please the reflection on mirror is not me,Someday acidentaly i cut my finger,so i try to clean my hand in bathtub,i see my reflection in the water,i know its my face but its not me,trust me im not stupid or idiot,i swear the reflection somehow diffrent,that thing is following me,everytime i look myself in mirror i saw myself but i know its not me,the smile just creep me out.i dont know what to do,is that ghost,monster,or what but trust me,im not i phobia with my own reflection,please help thanks

    • It sounds like you’re mildly possessed by a low level demon who is practicing for a major possession someday or simply messing with you. I recommend going to the nearest Catholic Church, and dunking your head in the holy water. Also ask a Priest to bless you. I don’t think you need an exorcism. Don’t worry this isn’t as bad as it seems. Let us know how it turns out.

  16. where are reverse vampires found ? i want to become one of them and where is the mystic plant found that turns humans into reverse vampires ?

    • We don’t know where you could find a reverse vampire. The location of the vampire plant is also a mystery. They are very rare, and blend into human society since they love the sunlight. Drake ran across one centuries ago but the rest of us have never met a Reverse Vampire.

  17. I’m a werewolf, but I’ve only been one for 4 years. Since I was bitten, my friends have been helping me out when I transform. Funny, we got the idea from Harry Potter. Anyway, I was wondering if there was something like Wolfsbane that could control my transformations. Please help!! I don’t want to hurt anyone!!

    • I replied to your other post with some information. Yes Wolfsbane will help if you drink it diluted in water or take herbal capsules. You will build up resistance to it when Werewolf hunters try to use it on you, and it will also help suppress your Werewolf DNA. However Wolfsbane is a dangerous herb, and you would be better off taking colloidal silver. Also you will have to transform at some point to release the build up supernatural energies.

      Many so called pieces of supernatural fiction tend to have some truth in them. That includes Harry Potter. Let’s just say that we saw JK Rowling at a magical school in Scotland once. She didn’t just make all that up out of thin air.

  18. Thank you for the advice. Another question though. Where might I find Wolfsbane or colloidal silver? I’m not too familiar with werewolves and such. Thanks for the advice again. It will be put to good use.

    • You can buy colloidal silver anywhere including Wolfsbane is more difficult to come by since it’s poisonous to humans, and Werewolves. You can however find plant seeds on ebay and other places under the name Aconitum or Monkshood. I’d go with a low dosage colloidal silver rather than the Wolfsbane which can be more dangerous for a Werewolf. I also strongly suggest you do this under the supervision of an experienced Cryptozoologist or Lycanthropologist. Just check your local yellow pages.

  19. Thanks for the info on my curse. I was bitten though, so is it still possible for me to return to normal? Is it normal that when I get really angry I start to transform? I don’t mean all the way wolf, but my eyes turn black and I grow fangs and sometimes claws. Is that normal? If so, could I use colloidal silver to help prevent transforming in public like this? Please help!!

  20. laurar jat kela mor lor sor toi kela………………… “hope u recover ” dhut kela enai misa koisu kela………. “live well ” 🙂

  21. Dear admin i heard that a worldwide UFOs is going to reveal to earth so that everyone will know that UFO are tell me is this true that we will have a Full UFO discloser… everyone?? just wonder..

    • We don’t have any intelligence indicating that any group of aliens will reveal themselves to the world. It’s in their best interest to remain hidden until they gain reinforcements for a full invasion. Certainly the governments of the world collude to keep the secret, and the upper echelon wealthy elites who rule our world are in league with Reptilian aliens. The government doesn’t want a panic, and they don’t want the conspiracy to take over the planet revealed.

  22. Hello Mystic investigations. I wanted to know, is the philosopher’s stone real? Have you had experiences with it? Also, when you die and you are being judged on how many of your parallel lives are good or evil, does your main life/centre reality make a big contribution?