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  2. I was wondering what you think of godhoodism? Is it the true religion?if so can the bible be trusted? Also have you heard of the creature called “the slenderman”? Please reply.

    • Godhoodism is indeed the true religion. It only makes sense that God would want to play through many more scenarios than exists in this one Universe. This includes our lives so naturally there are parallel Universes as Quantum Physicists believe. Within those alternate realities we lead near infinite lives. All those lives are connected through our one soul. A soul that will have collected all the knowledge, and experiences of those near infinite lives. These lives we lead are the preparation for Godhood, and the eventual creation of our own Universes, and sentient beings. The afterlife shouldn’t be stagnation but continued growth. The Bible may indeed be the product of a God who chooses not to reveal the true purpose of reality which is ascension to Godhood.

      Yes we’ve heard of the Slender Man but haven’t had the pleasure of taking on the nefarious specter of evil. Certainly we here at Mystic Investigations would take down the filthy fiend with extreme prejudice. We will not stand for anyone kidnapping children, and causing torment to adults as well. We don’t know what he is but he appears to have been around since at least Egyptian times. He may have demonic origins, or perhaps be a freak of nature. Some have suggested he’s one of the first Jinn to phase into this reality. Now he’s so powerful that he can’t be contained in a bottle or lamp to become a Genie. Hopefully in the near future we will cross paths with the skinny faceless multi-armed black suit wearing loser so he can finally be neutralized once and for all. His centuries of evil exploits will come to an end!

    • Yes Magick is good when used in the fight against evil. Just don’t invoke demons, or Gods/Goddesses considered evil.

      Yes spread Godhoodism throughout your sphere of influence, and let it flourish throughout the general populace.

  3. Umm, i’ve been thinking will 2012 bring about a revolution. I also need help with my Grandma she is like a huge christain/jew/whatever else, but she wont get off my back about beliveing in godhoodism say its one of satans tactics to get me a way from god since im s former christain well,i started to.question christainity thats how I came across godhoodism it also

    • Unfortunately hardcore Christians will say everything they don’t agree with is the Devil’s work while throwing around the old hell threats. A lot of these religions are clearly man made because they’ve done nothing but cause divisions, and blood shed among humankind.

  4. Had to do with slender man trying to obtain godhood.anyway she say s im going to burn in hell and other be honest I dident like being christain I was more born in to it with no choice or say in it.what sould I say to her?

    • Why would God need a hell threat? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of living these harsh lives to test our will to see our true character? There could be bad people who simply avoid doing bad things just because of the threat. Also how could a supposedly loving creator be sadistic enough to have a perpetual torturous hell exist within his Universe for all eternity. It could never be perfect with such a sick thing going on. There’s also the fact that no crime is worthy of an eternal punishment. Only an eternal crime perpetuated by an eternal being would warrant hell. Ultimately though what purpose would that serve? Hell was just a made up threat by the church to force people to obey their religion. The Bible in fact only mentions being thrown into a lake of fire, and nothing about an eternal torturous hell. The meaning of that passage is that a soul would be incinerated from existence thereby relieving the evil of their imperfect suffering state.

      • This is exactly why I started to study Wicca. Recently, I found a book titled, “Wicca, A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner,” and it has been truly informal. Unlike most religions, it stresses that there is no one “true” religion, or one “correct” belief. All beliefs are true, and all beliefs are correct. It also stresses that “Wiccan Magick is natural,” and cannot break the laws of reality. Also, as I started truly living by the Wiccan Rede, “An it harm none, do what ye will,” I have found myself following a much more peaceful path. One that Christianity would never let me follow. Godhoodism also supports Wicca in a way. All universes, omniverses, and multiverses have their own “head” god(s)! I simply choose to worship the God and Goddess.

    • No you shouldn’t be afraid to die since it’s like being born again if your soul is judged to be good. You’ll be re-born in the Heavenly realms as an Angel who will then work to ascend to Godhood. If you’re evil you will simply be blinked from existence. There is no hell because that would mean God was sadistic, and evil. And being evil is too easy, and childish in nature. Certainly not something one would expect from a omnipotent everlasting creator with unlimited knowledge.

    • So far nobody has a definitive answer on how to access the full power of their pure thought aka their spirit or soul. The rare few that do end up leaving this reality, and becoming Travelers. Super beings who traverse space, time, parallel Universes, higher dimensions, and beyond for a very long time before finally joining their soul in the Heavenly realms. Hints of the power of pure thought are seen in many through feat of mind over matter on varying levels which also includes the placebo effect. Almost everyone can be fooled into believing something that can actually effect their body in some way. This is the fringes of pure thought being witnessed, and the first step to harnessing it’s awesome power. A being capable of doing this, and then remaining in this exact Universe would be the most powerful being alive, and could easily take over the planet. However I’m sure a higher God, or Angel would intervene if it was not the destiny of this Universe.

  5. Admin, I agree! It is sad that most of the human population has not grown up! I mean that as they love to point there fingers at the Devil or someone else. Instead of growing up and realizing they are the keepers of there own life choices. They build there life by the choices they’ve made. So yeah’..

    • The pure thought power of our mind makes anything possible if you will it to be so, and truly believe. However there’s also practitioners of magic who could imbue you will various powers, and abilities. You could also call upon Gods, and Goddesses for power. Make a wish in a real wishing well or with a Genie, or even a Leprechaun. You could also be transformed by a vampire or Werewolf.

    • The average person wouldn’t be able to know if it;s real or not. Only someone possessing magical abilities would know. However if it’s meant to be then you will come upon a real wishing well.

    • Because we here at Mystic Investigations have lived through the terror of the paranormal as we partake of daily battles against evil forging forth the forces of light.

    • Not directly. However the ultimate planners of this terrorist act were in fact the New World Order aka the Illuminati who are the top .000001% billionaire plutocratic elites who have great power over the planet. Since they worship demonic forces you could say there was a sinister supernatural hand in the 9/11 attacks.

    • Dimitri Diablo isn’t more powerful than the combined demonic, alien, and plutocratic forces of the infamous Illuminati that rules over this planet as a shadow government. However the elusive independent Diablo is a thorn in their side at times, and his amazing sorcery powers can take down factions within their vast globalist network.

  6. Drake, my son told me he meddled in some bad things. Such as the Illuminati. I read about this 3 weeks ago! That you’re in search of Dimitri Diablo. And that there’s a reward etc. My son confessed to me about what he’d done. He also told me that my sisters husband is apart of the Illuminati. YES this scares me allot! Since I had no idea my son was apart of it. He told me he’s been visited by a dark daemonic entity who tells him things. Also this entity threatened to kill him if he told anyone! My son told me he knows where Dimitri Diablo is. He told me he’s President Obama’s father. And that he’s hiding in an underground government missile bunker.

    My son was shaking as he told me. Because he wants out of it. I hugged my son and told him I won’t let anything happen to him. As I hugged him. I envisioned radiant holy light through him. And imagined we were standing under a waterfall and the cross was above us. Making it holy water. I basically blessed my son. He hasn’t had problems. I told him to let me know if he does.

    I’m not 100% sure if he’s right about Dimitri Diablo. But Drake if you could have seen his face he was white as a ghost and scared out of his mind. I know he’s not lying about whatever it is he’s been shown and told. I just want my son to be safe. As for that man who wishes evil upon Earth. He will pay for what he’s done. If I have anything to say about it.

    • Just as the FBI has a most wanted list, the paranormal community has placed Dimitri Diablo at the top of it’s list. Unfortunately we don’t have any reliable leads on him. He’s randomly sighted somewhere causing havoc, and then disappears. Hours later he can appear on the other side of the planet. I don’t think one man should have so much power. Ironic that your son thinks he’s Obama’s father since he’s a human with way too much power. Diablo is of Russian, and Mayan decent. However he can glamour his appearance, and it’s safe to say he can also probably alter his DNA. So who knows if Obama is in fact the offspring of Diablo. Perhaps Obama is glamouring his appearance for whatever reason. Certainly we know very little about the Presidents past, and his invasions of sovereign nations are slowly pushing the planet toward WW III. It could be apart of Diablo’s plan to take over the planet.

      Even if we found Dimitri I fear our team would be no match for his raw evil powers of sorcery. Our only shot would be if I could get close enough to sink my teeth into him, and drink of his vile blood. I’d then theoretically acquire his powers so I could battle him on even ground. Although it’s a big risk. It’s unknown if I could absorb such massive power or if I could even gain his powers. Although power transference through blood from witches, wizards, and warlocks is well documented, there’s very little on Sorcerers blood.

    • I live on a private road, Alexander Parkway, in the heart of the Mystical Forest in Woodland Springs, Colorado.

      Reverse Vampires are beyond rare, and I’ve only met one in seven centuries. Since they can be out in sunlight they could be anywhere. However they love wheat grass so anyone who live near large fields of wheat grass is a suspect.

    • Pure thought is the non-corporeal mind of God in which our entire Universe exists. It is the very foundation of reality. That pure thought eventually transitions into energy strings which eventually transitions into the matter we see around us. Unfortunately the illusion of this so called physical world helps keep us trapped here but the real culprit is the programming of our brain that filters in a fraction of the power within our pure thought souls. Some people such as retarded citizens have more filtering than say a super enlightened genius of some type. It takes a lot of mental training to over come the programming of our brain which keeps us trapped within this reality.

  7. Is there any unnatural about the common human I mean like you guys have like all these awesome. Power and I’m just normal. In a way I’m kinda jealous?

    • We’re a 12 member team for the most part, and not all of us have powers. It’s just Drake (vampire), Rebecca (Mermaid Witch), Ashley (Half Zombie), Zack (Bionic Limbs), and Julia (Psychic With Telekinetic Powers). The rest of us are human although I do have mysterious bouts of super strength, and rapid healing at times so I might possibly be on the edge of being a super human. I’m also well trained in the martial arts as is Hunter Jackson the ex-Navy Seal member of our team. Clearly supernatural powers are rare but fate brought us together in the fight against evil.

      If you’re unable to gain power though magic, or being turned into a supernatural being then you can certainly learn the martial arts, and become knowledgeable on how to take on various evil paranormal entities. You could easily become a ghost, werewolf, or vampire slayer to join in on the battle to eradicate evil from this Earth!

  8. Marital arts what does that do?also,can I a 15 year old fight evil, I can do marine corps marital arts,parcore.last thing does the near future hold a revolution?thanks

    • Martial arts can be an equalizer against physical supernatural beings if you have no weapons in your possession. Hunter Jackson, our ex-Navy Seal, took down a cave full of ferocious feral vampires with nothing but his trusty knife, muscles, and martial arts training.

      Zack Powers is the youngest member of our team at age 16. However he has four bionic limbs. I’d say anyone with the will, and determination can fight the forces of evil.

      There will most definitely be a revolution in America within the coming decade as the government exponentially enacts it’s police state grid. The only question is whether it will be a peaceful reclamation of the Constitutional Republic or a violent second Revolutionary War. Ultimately the world will have to revolt as a whole against the New World Order Illuminati, aka globalist corporatist bankers who more or less own most of the government of the world including the United States. Basically the same forces of evil that have enslaved humankind since the dawn of civilization. Either humankind wants to be free, or they want to live in a permanent global tyranny enforced by overwhelming technology.

  9. is there something more than just the light and the darkness is there something else that is eternal something in between? Is your heart and soul the same thing?

    • Your entire body is the physical manifestation of your soul. However the brain is the conduit that translates pure thought into this world. The heart has been used as a mystical conduit to access the awesome energy of the soul.

      God has both light, and darkness within him otherwise the Angelic forces of light, and the demonic forces of dark could not exist within him. There are beings called Travelers who are the eternal free agents of the Universe who don’t answer to anyone, and follow their own path.

    • There’s never been nothing otherwise something couldn’t have come from it. We believe that in the beginning there was an infinite pool of pure thought devoid of consciousness. This pool of pure thought waves always existed, and eventually the thoughts, or pure information, randomly coalesced until the self-aware consciousness of God took shape.

  10. Which would you rather have a peacefull or violent revolution? Also,you mentioned “overwhelming technology” does that mean like advanced robotic soldiers or something?

    • Clearly a peaceful Soviet Union style collapse would be for the best. A revolution where everyone takes to the streets, leaves their differences behind, and unites against the unconstitutional government. If the Constitutional Republic was fully restored that would mean a Libertarian style of government, and a real capitalist economy instead of everything being corporatist in nature.

      We’re not sure what technologies the government has but it’s rumored to be at least 50 years in advance of anything we’ve seen. They’ve spent trillions since the 1940’s within the shell of their secret government agencies. God only knows what weapons they possess! Certainly robotic technology is a big possibility. Since the fine men, and women of the military have indicated they’d never go against the American people then perhaps robot terminators would battle against us.

    • In the United States the most common place to find Werewolves are Native American tribes. Since they were the first people to face the Werewolf threat, and make it their own. Go to Indian reservations, and casinos. Then subtly hint that you want in to the world of the wolf. You could also go to a reservation on the nights of a full Moon, and there might be a chance of getting bitten. Just be sure you’re near a tree so you can scurry up it quick. Werewolves, at least the mindless mad dog variety, can’t climb trees. If however the Werewolf has mastered it’s condition it will be fully aware, and you can tell him or her that you’d like to join their supernatural ranks.

      In addition in some cases wolf packs will hang together in biker gangs so you might check the taverns, and clubs they hang out in. Many times they will share wolf tattoos to signify their status.

      Individual werewolves are nearly impossible to find although whitewolf3001 is a werewolf who posts on here frequently.

    • In human form it’s hard to tell but they’re almost always ultra confident, well spoken, and aggressive in all that they do. In the heat of an argument or when excited their eyes will glow.