Instagram Is Beyond Paranoid And Quite Nuts!

Instagram is beyond paranoid and seriously nuts! Several times a week they think someone is accessing our account and we have to enter security codes sent to us. They rant and rave about this and suspicious or unusual activity! We must always change the already insanely long and varied password. I can assure you Instagram no unauthorized personnel is accessing our account. Please get over yourselves already! This is getting exhausting for a service we barely even use. Maybe we upload an image once a week at the most! It’s a joke that an image site acts like they’re Fort Knox! My online bank account isn’t anywhere close to this BS! No one else does this! Seriously cut the over secure crap! It’s getting old!😡

UPDATE: The most recent episode just locked us out of the account & they never even contacted us. They made us given them a mobile phone number that they never use to contact us in any way! Supposedly we had to use the app to get back in but then the app doesn’t work. Days later we have access again without even doing anything. These people are nuts! This BS obsession where you have to use your little phone screen to use their site is ridiculous as well! It’s always a fight to use Instagram any other way! God forbid you could do this on your desktop! It’s so beyond old that we will no longer post anything to Instagram anymore! We got better things to do than play these never-ending silly security theater games! More or less it is a waste of time as it yields no benefit whatsoever!

We had planned to continue liking images from people who followed us but apparently doing that once a week for a handful of people is also suspicious activity. I suspect merely logging on is quite disturbing for Instagram. Imagine people logging on to an account they created giving you all the info you wanted? Yet you still act like a drugged-up nut who has hallucinations and paranoid delusions…LOL!

“We noticed unusual activity from your account so we’ve logged you out.
Follow the next steps within 28 days so we can try to get you back into your account before it’s disabled”

Please list the specific unusual activity you rant about Instapoop! This would just keep going on forever! It has to end somewhere! Go ahead and disable it because I think you just do this to drive people away or you’re just beyond stupid with your app glitched the hell up…INSTACRAP! I’ve never dealt with such a maddening site over the decades I’ve been on the Internet! You’re beyond freaking belief…Instashit!

PS: Creating another account just results in the same line of bull! A Christmas account!🐂


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