Thirteen Questions For The Plague Doctors Ghost

Character interviews are usually done during the developmental stage of a book, when the characters are being fleshed out and brought to life, but I don’t always follow the “rules.” I thought it would be fun—and perhaps a little dangerous—to interview the enigmatic and ghostly Alessio DeLuca, the plague doctor from my new release, The Curious Case of the Tuscan Plague Doctor.

I chose a relatively uncluttered area of my mind to use as an interview room. I tidied up a bit, clearing away leftover insomnia cobwebs and hastily sweeping some embarrassing teenage memories under the rug. Then I selected some questions from the Marcel Proust Questionnaire for DeLuca. He arrived right on time.

Doctor DeLuca is a character of my own creation, but I’d completely forgotten what a huge man he is. Well…was. He is a ghost, after all. Standing well over six feet tall, he would have needed to duck through the low doorway had he been a living man. Instead, his masked head passed right through the top of the door frame as if it hadn’t even been there. One of the advantages of being a ghost, I suppose. (The Following URL Has Vanished! Contact The Author Here If Want To Read The Rest Of This!)  Read The Ghostly Interview At C. L. Hernandez Books…

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