Horrifying Graveyard Animatronic Demonic Zombie Baby Doll

This disturbing zombie like baby doll sits in a sinister manner upon her blanket in the graveyard.   Eyes glowing red with a demonic possession as she awaits some poor unsuspecting child to bring her home.  Once there she will terrorize a family straight to hell, and back!

This horrifying animatronic Halloween prop is perfect for yard decor, or haunted house ambiance.  The injection-molded mechanism creates a lunging effect sure to cause a scare in any child, or adult.  Features a fabric costume, printed soiled blanket, Soft-PVC head with long stringy hair, Soft-PVC hands and feet, and crimson LED eyes light up.  This battery-operated (Uses 4 AA batteries) [not included] or UL adapter plug powered being of evil is easy to assemble, and is activated by foot pad or IR motion sensor. When activated the doll will sing an eerie lullaby then lunge forward with blood curdling screams and maniacal giggles! Size is approximately 19 inches tall and 8 inches wide.  Easy to assemble.  Ships only within the Continental USA.

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