The Hand Of Glory Talisman & Shrunken Heads!

SkullyOrnaments and artifacts made from pieces of the human body are definitely gruesome, but I can’t help but find them more than a little fascinating. People have been making things out of one another’s body parts for centuries, from drinking vessels made from the skull of their enemies, to necklaces made from human teeth. Here, I will be introducing you to two ghoulish “arts and crafts” projects: The Hand of Glory, and The Shrunken Head! Oh, and don’t try this at home, kids! (The Following URL Has Vanished! Contact The Author Here If Want To Read The Rest Of This!) Read The Rest Of The Story At The Weird World Of C. L. Hernandez

"The Hand Of Glory Talisman & Shrunken Heads!", 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

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