Author Topic: Can The Congress, And Entire The Federal Government Be Dissolved?  (Read 4967 times)

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Apparently yes if enough States call an Article 5 Constitutional Convention, and ratify a new Constitutional Amendment stating that the Federal government is dissolved.  It would be a great way to make the impossibly gargantuan mess of the Federal government go away instantly.  Everything they ever did would be reversed.  From Obamacare, to income taxes, to unfair treaties that take jobs way, all the Executive Orders, regulations, and laws that are beyond the Federal right under the Constitution.  All the troops could come home to protect our borders, and the world would rejoice at the peace that would ensue.  Provided other nations controlled by corrupt corporatist didn't decide to continue wars in the real name of seizing resources, and riches.  Once the government was dissolved the States could start over, and put a new Federal government in place, or decide to be independent.  Of course there would be the issue of Federal benefits people rely on such as social security, medicare, food stamps, etc.  Before dissolution the States would have to put alternate programs in place which would be funded by their own taxes.  Naturally people would be able to pay more to the States once the Federal income tax was gone.  For immediate funding the States would take any gold, silver, and other riches the defunct Federal government had.  The US dollar would be worthless unless the States decided to collectively start printing new currency, or each State might have it's own money which could be exchanged for Federal Reserve notes.

It would take some planning, and cooperation between the States but this may be the only way to end the insane out of control Federal governments tyranny, spending, and violent wars abroad.  At this point the government is too huge to get under control, and limit to legal Constitutional status.  It would be like trying to untangle a one mile circumference tangled ball of wires.  Only 34 State Legislators are needed to call a Constitutional Convention, and only 38 are needed to ratify a new amendment.  Now of course odds are slim that the US government would even acknowledge the dissolution amendment since obeying the law, aka the Constitution, has never been their strong suit.  They have a God complex that has gone to their collectively big heads. The fine men, and women of the military would have to side with the States in order for this too really happen.  None of this is bloody likely but hey we can dream!

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