Author Topic: The ObamaCare Survivial Guide For Dummies  (Read 4833 times)

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The ObamaCare Survivial Guide For Dummies
« on: January 18, 2013, 10:11:22 AM »
Or actually the guide for anyone who can't decipher a 2700 page document of idiocy that will affect every American citizen.  Although I guess it doesn't affect us at Mystic Investigations because we already provide all our employees with top flight health insurance which they don't need most of the time due to either being supernatural beings, or partaking of the paranormal healing skills of our White Witch Rebecca Abernathy, and our Cryptozoologist Dr. Ashley Abercrombie.  Of course insurance premiums will rise but we don't mind because we offer only the best for our employees who risk their lives each day fighting the forces of supernatural evil.  Overall Obamacare will seriously jack up our health care system with rising costs, and a lack of doctors for the new wave of millions of patients who have previously gotten by without seeing a doctor.  Some doctors say they will retire early just to avoid the influx of all these patients.  Then we have the thousands of new government employees who will enforce the Obamacare law forcing everyone to buy health insurance or face fines.  Get The Obamacare Survival Guide At:

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The ObamaCare Survivial Guide For Dummies
« on: January 18, 2013, 10:11:22 AM »