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Mesmerizing - The Non-Sanguine Way
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It's well known that Sanguines (blood-drinking vampires) have the ability to mesmerise and Hypnotise humans. This is a short guide on how anyone can do it, adapted from another website. The adaptations are what I have personally found to work the best.

"It has been said many times, "the eyes are the window of the soul." The eyes are the only opening to the brain that is not encased in bone. Through the optic nerve, the eyes are linked to the brain. When we train our minds and elevate our bioelectricity, we can directly mesmerize other people by just looking into their eyes and catching their gaze for several seconds.

How this is done:

1. You must have a strong will and mind, able of controlling others who are weaker.

2. The closer you are to the person, the more effective this technique. This takes practice.

You have to be in a trance yourself. An adept can will him/herself into and out of a trance, anytime, anywhere.

Concentrate and project your bioelectricity (energy produced by the body) along with your intentions out of your own eyes into the other person's.

Sit in front of a mirror and relax. Deepen your trance as deep as you are comfortable with (this increases with practice).

Focus into your own eyes in the mirror. Start projecting your energy through your eyes.

When mesmerizing someone, command this person, in your mind what it is you intend for him/her to do, experience, etc. The same goes for curses that should be delivered with maximum hatred and intensity. The commands should be a short phrase. Animals communicate through mental images.

Look deep into his/her eyes, almost past them into the back of their skull, directly projecting your energy into their brain to do your will. Focus intensely."


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Re: Mesmerizing - The Non-Sanguine Way
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Or, if you want to control them you could do what I can do and just take over their mind. Difficult but effective. >.> I have really no clue why I can do that though. But, I would never use it for evil!

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Re: Mesmerizing - The Non-Sanguine Way
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