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General Discussions / The Splendid Slender Man
« on: July 06, 2013, 06:57:59 PM »
I am the one you silly humans refer to as the Slender Man. You're not worthy to know my true name. I relish in your fear of me!  No I'm not a mindless beast.  Just a prisoner forcibly confined to your disgusting world for eternity, or until your rotten planet is finally engulfed by the sun.  I've been here for countless centuries with nothing to do but revel in the pleasure of tormenting all of you, and forcing you to exterminate yourselves.  However your children are pure creatures who fuel my power.  We have no children in my dimension since we don't require them.  I don't make war.  To put it into terms you simple beings can understand I will tell you that you are trapped in a prison cell with me, and you're all the bitches!  Now I grow tired of interfacing with this internet via my advanced ESP.  Go back to your mindless chattering with your archaic keyboards, primitive phones, and primordial mouths.

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