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I'm Xavier Remington President of Mystic Investigations.  We're proud to announce the promotion of Drake Alexander from Senior Vice-President to Executive Vice-President in light of the former Executive VP Michael Remington being lost in time somewhere.  He left instructions that Drake was to be promoted if he didn't return in a certain length of time.  In addition all along I've held voting rights to Michael's stock in our company by proxy.   Our psychic Julia Hathaway says Michael is doing fine but she can't pinpoint his temporal location.

all right good luck Drake but feel sorry for Michael who is lost in time. hopefully he return someday.

General Discussions / Astral Projection?
« on: September 15, 2013, 05:59:34 PM »
I just wonder how come I can't do Astral projection at all..i did twice but that all I can do so I just wonder If they a way to Astral Projection at will or somehow I been trying to find the answer for a long time but no luck with answer...I need someone to tell me is I being block or what...I been trying to do it for 5-7 yrs.
so anyway write back anybody.

General Discussions / Re: Planet X or brown Dwarf?
« on: September 15, 2013, 05:54:50 PM »
very good video but we have to understand that there also a spirits world of Satan and his demon.

General Discussions / Planet X or brown Dwarf?
« on: July 27, 2013, 10:12:28 AM »
I just wonder is there a Planet X or Brown Dwarf coming to pass earth or not?? I just wonder is this story of Planet x true or not write back anybody..

General Discussions / Re: Slim Jim
« on: July 24, 2013, 12:50:56 PM »
Slim Jim i think his mind is set only evil so maybe he don't able to change or not...

General Discussions / Re: The Splendid Slender Man
« on: July 07, 2013, 11:10:19 AM »
I am the one you silly humans refer to as the Slender Man. You're not worthy to know my true name. I relish in your fear of me!  No I'm not a mindless beast.  Just a prisoner forcibly confined to your disgusting world for eternity, or until your rotten planet is finally engulfed by the sun.  I've been here for countless centuries with nothing to do but revel in the pleasure of tormenting all of you, and forcing you to exterminate yourselves.  However your children are pure creatures who fuel my power.  We have no children in my dimension since we don't require them.  I don't make war.  To put it into terms you simple beings can understand I will tell you that you are trapped in a prison cell with me, and you're all the bitches!  Now I grow tired of interfacing with this internet via my advanced ESP.  Go back to your mindless chattering with your archaic keyboards, primitive phones, and primordial mouths.

lol.....the slender man telling us to be quiet? sorry Slender man that won't work..Slender man need to change someday... :o oh well.

Ask Mystic Investigations Supernatural Questions? / Rapture?
« on: June 22, 2013, 05:46:24 PM »
I would like to know when this Rapture come to pass I need to get out of this world because of this coming Antichrist crazy world we live in battle between good and evil.
anybody know when this happen?

Paranormal Discussions / Re: Grey aliens?
« on: April 26, 2013, 04:09:51 PM »
Hello Secretman,.. Did they ever tell you why they are coming to you? When they contact you.. Does there mouth move? Or is it more telepathic in nature? Perhaps burn sage in your house and bedroom. Put pink salt around your bed. Pray to the angels for guidance & protection. I wish you luck! How terrible to be harassed like that. Most of all keep your thoughts positive. They can do more damage if they harbor negativity within you! See the signs and be aware of your moods and feelings. If your energy levels plummet, this is a sure sign they might be draining your life force. "energy". Bless you!

thank for the informtion i am now want to get the UFO firewall amulet i am a UFO and time travel research but now i don't want to mess with UFO so forget that stuff..noting but energy loss i all feel tired each moring..
so the first contact was that  i saw there mouth move but then it start to get a point where they keep on coming but when i heard a noise or something i keep waking up and see no one is there but i some time i see they are there so now i need a UFO firewall..and see this reptlian alien also..
so don't need them anymore bad ET visit i learn my lesson for that..

then why can't i do astral projection? anybody know why?

What method are you using?

i am trying to do out of body to explore other world...thing like that but just mental Astral Projection is the same as out of do you think if the person who have mental problem can do it? i have done it by taking a pill but happen one time that all it was happen so now i can't do it  i just listin to the Brainwave sound like beat other stuff but i only found one of them is Centerpoint company but they don't do out of body but mediation that all they do the CD is there a CD music beat that help you to do out of body and which is the best one? write back.

Astral Projection isn't too difficult.

then why can't i do astral projection? anybody know why?

I have to disagree with that Tiger. It is possible to capture a ghost in a bottle. After all jinn were captured in bottles and lamps so it makes sense that a ghost could be trapped in a bottle as well with the right spells. It wouldn't take as powerful a spell as you would to trap a jinn.

Now Secret I'm guessing that you've seen or heard about places selling ghosts in a bottle. While a few may be genuine the vast majority are fakes.

yes and how did you know that...i just wonder can you set the Ghost to be free and go home to heaven? it look like ghost are stuck here in this limbo between heaven or  hell i just wonder..

anyway i have to ask you something supernaturalbeliever if you are a psychic then tell me why could i not do Astral Projection? write back

i just wonder how do they do that capture ghost in the that stuff real? can it possible catch a ghost? write back anybody.

Paranormal Discussions / Grey aliens?
« on: April 05, 2013, 06:13:42 AM »
sorry for my english but anyway i have this dream that the Grey alien or they were green in my dream a alien and now i have to get rid of those Aliens because they come too much on me like enter my dream while i sleep so i going to have to get my UFO firewall amulet so i have some peace in life.  kind of tired of Grey Aliens all the that all i have encounter i also encounter ghost and other stuff.

Paranormal News / Re: I've Met With The Plague Doctor And Slender Man
« on: February 27, 2013, 12:20:43 PM »
I nearly did you silly humans a favor, and almost eradicated the aforementioned threats to your pathetic existences.  I'm currently in the USA gracing you with my presence.

The pathetic Plague Doctor begged me to meet with him.  I reluctantly complied thinking he might have something interesting to say.  I was wrong.  I also had a meeting with the Plague Doctor.  He is such a useless low level minion of evil.  He had nothing I wanted to hear.  He only wanted to leech off my awesome power.  He refused to take no for an answer.  I began chocking him on the spot with telekinetic powers since he is immune to magic.  He attempted to infect me with some disease but it was no match for my supernatural immune system.  Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen of he Apocalypse he worships, suddenly appeared as a hideous apparition, and shot a swarm of every disease ever seen on Earth at me.  I was forced to release my grip on the Doctor, and shot a multi-pronged magical volley of magics at Pestilence causing his non-corporeal form to dissipate.  Unfortunately the Plague Doctor vanished.

Later while walking through some woods at night I ran across the silly Slender Man.  The faceless shapeshifting freak attempted to control my mind as he wrapped his tentacle arms around me.  I said,"Oh my you're quite the circus side show freak aren't you?  I'm so scared."  I then started laughing maniacally as I shocked him with my raw power causing him to fly through a tree knocking it clean over.  He lie on the ground attempting to first teleport himself away, and then make himself invisible.  I froze all his powers with my more powerful mind.  I told him he wasn't going anywhere, and I probed his puny brain.  It seems he is a being from another dimension sent here as a punishment.  A unique energetic force I've never seen before is using Gaia as a conduit to keep him tied to Earth.  He can teleport anywhere on the planet but nowhere else.  I'm not familiar with this being, his people, or the dimension he comes from.  I learned a lot while King Of Hell but there is so much more to know.  Knowledge I will have when I possess the Omniverse Gods mind.  The ultimate possession to take place in all of the histories of all sentient beings everywhere.  With me in command nefarious beings such as Plague Boy, and Silly Slender would be eradicated!  Yes fools deal with it!  Bow before me now!

i have a questions for you? can you create a another earth? with all the people in this world...can you create Alien? can you Create stars and wonder and under the earth realm? so now you see you can't  rule this earth it all ready done.

Paranormal News / Re: I've Met With The Plague Doctor And Slender Man
« on: February 27, 2013, 12:15:58 PM »
i agree with you too but this Dimitri Diablo can't rule it because there is good in this world and that he all ready lost in the battle against Mystic investigations group.

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